Finally, AMD’s more budget-minded B550 motherboards are on sale. A lot has been said about the B550 chipset and all of the supporting boards for weeks, and we can now share our findings with you. The MSI B550M mortar, the MSI B550 Tomahawk, the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro and […]

From time to time Linux users feel the need to create a new file on their system. Whether you're taking notes, writing code, or just want to review the file while programming, the touch command is the only file creation utility you'll need. Creating files and managing timestamps on Linux […]

Chinese memory maker Netac received its first batch of DDR5 modules from Micron, and the company announced Thursday that it was reaching the limits of the modules. IT Home reports that Netac has the modules in its R&D department and is currently overclocking them to reach an incredibly fast speed: […]

Digital trends can earn a commission when you buy from links on our website. You don't have to settle for slow machines when the retailer deals for desktops and laptops are outside of your budget. If you're thinking of obsolete deals on desktops and refurbished laptops, you can take advantage […]

You've heard of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a common Windows error screen that appears when you encounter a system error. But the B. in the BSOD doesn't always stand for blue. A black screen of death can prove to be more difficult to resolve because it does not […]