Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution that aims to make life easier for Linux users. It has a sleek user interface and includes many popular productivity apps. This makes it a great choice for new users as well as those who want a Linux distro that just works.

The developers recently released Zorin OS 16, the latest stable version of this distribution. It comes with some exciting new features alongside many performance improvements.

What's new in Zorin OS 16?

The latest version of Zorin OS brings several new features to help users get the most out of their system. It is based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and is operated by the Linux kernel 5.11. The standard user interface is based on GNOME Shell 3.38.

Some new features of Zorin OS 16 include the following:

1. Revised user interface

The user interface has been heavily refined and offers a breathtaking experience right out of the box. The navigation feels super smooth and the performance is top notch.


2. Immersive OS tour

The newest trip provides a great way to learn the operating system by heart. It walks the user through everything it takes to be proficient in the user interface and covers things like linking phones, online accounts, and customization options.

3. Improved touchpad gestures

Zorin OS 16 introduced multi-touch gestures for laptops out of the box. Swipe up or down with four fingers to switch between workspaces, and pinch three fingers together on the touchpad to open the activity overview.

4. Flathub integration

the software store now offers direct integration with Flathub, the world's largest source for Flatpak apps. This allows us to install Linux apps from the Snap Store, Flathub, and Ubuntu & Zorin repositories. You can also install DEB files, AppImage, and Windows apps (through Windows App Support).

5. Windows 11-like layout

Zorin 16 comes with a brand new desktop layout that is similar to Windows 11. The layout is polished to perfection and adapts well to touchscreen laptops. However, it is currently only available in Zorin OS 16 Pro.


6. Sound recorder

With the new Zorin OS 16 sound recorder app, recording is fun and effortless. The app is fast and makes audio recording hassle-free.

7. Jelly mode

A nifty UI feature that even the most serious user can enjoy computing. When activated, it wiggles the display window with movements such as dragging and pushes it into the respective app icon when it is minimized.

8. Built-in Nvidia drivers

This version of Zorin allows users to install the latest Nvidia drivers for Linux directly from the boot menu. The ISO also contains built-in drivers for Nvidia GPUs. So it is a great choice for those who intend to play on their system.

9. Performance improvements

Zorin OS is known for its speed, and the latest version is no exception. The development team has made several performance optimizations that make Zorin OS 16 even faster. As a result, opening apps feels faster than many mainstream Linux distributions.

zorin-16 - performance improvements-1

10. New Pro Edition

In the past, Zorin had an Ultimate Edition in addition to the Standard Core version. However, they have replaced it with a new Pro edition. This comes standard with minimal software and offers some additional layouts. Plus, if you buy the Pro edition for $ 39, you'll get tech support.

Install Zorin OS 16 today

Zorin OS 16 offers a polished experience that is sought after by many Linux enthusiasts. If you're looking for a stable distro that can handle anything you throw at it and still be super elegant, you should check out this latest version.

In addition, because of its low resource consumption, Zorin is the perfect choice for those who want to install Linux on old laptops.

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