Your MacBook’s Battery Will get Smarter Charging with MacOS 11.3

Apple's MacBook gets even smarter with the launch of MacOS 11.3, at least when charging. The source code in the current Beta 2 of MacOS 11.3 shows that Apple is working on smarter charging algorithms that will allow MacBook laptops to reach 100% charge when you have a scheduled meeting event on your calendar.

Prior to the recent MacOS 11.3 beta, Apple's smart charging method limits charging to around 80% when the laptop predicts you will be plugged in for an extended period of time to keep the battery in good condition for the life of the device . Apple's smart battery feature was actually carried over from the company's implementation on iPhones. B.

Smart battery charging has been available on the Mac since MacOS 10.15.5, and the feature known as optimized battery charging was developed to extend the life of the battery over many charging cycles, according to Apple at the time.

With the change in MacOS 11.3, Apple is making optimized battery charging even smarter by connecting to the calendar app on your laptop. If it is determined that you have an appointment, the system may charge up to 100% three hours before your event starts – and not charge the battery to 80%. This comes from a report by MacRumors.

This should help avoid battery life anxiety among street fighters who use a Mac laptop, as the new smarter charging will ensure you have battery life all day long, especially on days that are long Time not sitting at an outlet, duration.

The long battery life was a big selling point for Apple. As the company moved from Intel processors to its in-house ARM-based custom M1 silicon design, even longer battery life was encouraged. For example, Apple's MacBook Air with an M1 processor offers 18 hours of battery life on a single charge, six hours more than the previous Intel-based generation. Apple's 13.3-inch M1 MacBook Pro goes one step further. The company claims to have up to 20 hours of battery life – the longest ever on a Mac laptop.

According to MacRumors, the improved optimized battery charging feature should be present on both Intel-based MacBook laptops and notebooks powered by Apple's custom M1 silicon.

If you want to toggle the optimized battery charge, you can go to the system settings of your laptop and click on Battery to activate or deactivate functions for managing the battery health. M1 Mac owners cannot disable Apple's battery backups.

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