You Will Quickly Get Recommended Replies in Outlook for Home windows

It is suggested that replies be sent to Outlook for Windows soon to make replying to emails easier.

To help you reply to your emails quickly, Microsoft brings suggested replies to Outlook for Windows. This feature provides you with pre-written messages that you can quickly send in response to your incoming emails.

Suggested answers on the web and mobile versions of Outlook

The answering feature proposed by Outlook has long been available on the web and mobile versions. If you use Outlook on your browser or on your Android or iOS device, you have probably used this feature to send quick replies to your email.

Microsoft will provide recommended answers for Outlook for Windows

As can be seen from the Microsoft 365 roadmap on the Microsoft website, the company plans to incorporate the proposed response functionality into Outlook for Windows.

The official message from Microsoft is:

When you receive an email message that can be answered with a short reply, Outlook might suggest three replies that you can use to reply with a few clicks. This feature already exists in Outlook on the web, as well as Outlook iOS and Android.

With this feature, Microsoft is basically trying to make it easier and faster for you to reply to your emails. Any email that requires a short reply can use this feature.

Availability of suggested responses in Outlook for Windows

Microsoft mentions in its roadmap that the proposed response feature will be available to Outlook users from March.

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The company says the feature will roll out globally. This means that you can use them regardless of the region or country you are in.

Outlook's Suggested Answers for Government Customers

Microsoft will also make the proposed response function available to government customers. This feature is expected to be available in April this year. This is a month after it was rolled out to regular users.

Features in Suggested Answers for Outlook

Suggested Answers give you three pre-written messages to choose from. These messages are based on the content of your email.

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On the currently supported devices, this function is available for the simplified languages ​​English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Chinese. It is very likely that the feature supports the same languages ​​on the Windows platform as well.

Respond quickly to your emails in Outlook for Windows

When you're tired of replying to emails that only require a short reply, Outlook for Windows will take that hassle out of your life. Replies are automatically suggested based on the content of your email, and you can click these replies to send them to your recipient.

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