You Can Quickly Earn Rewards for Utilizing Microsoft Search

Do you use Microsoft Search a lot while you work? If so, you will be pampered.

Would you like to earn a little more using only Microsoft products? If you use Microsoft Search in your work or school life, you may soon be earning rewards for just using it.

Planned rewards from Microsoft for using Search

The Redmond tech giant discussed its plans on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. In the roadmap, Microsoft publishes planned updates to its productivity services and is a handy way to see what's on the horizon.

Entry number 70634 in the roadmap is particularly interesting. It's called "Microsoft Search: Earn Microsoft Rewards When You Use a Work or School Account," and it is described as follows:

Users in your organization can earn Microsoft Rewards points when they are signed into selected Microsoft 365 services (Microsoft Search in Bing) with their organizational account (work or school).

It's worth noting that "Microsoft Search" doesn't just mean the company's online search engine, Bing. In this case, the name refers to a tool that, in addition to an additional Bing search, can help you find relevant files on an organization network.

This is why the company wants you to earn Microsoft Rewards by using Windows Search. You can then redeem these points for competitions, charitable donations, or gift cards.

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Sometimes when Microsoft wants its users to use a particular tool or service more often, a large award is tied to it as an encouragement. Recently, users noticed an increase in scores when using Microsoft Edge to search with Bing to encourage more people to use both services.

Unfortunately, you are not yet ready to earn Microsoft Rewards for using the Search Tool. However, Microsoft is working hard to get the service up and running as soon as possible. At the time of writing, this new feature has a scheduled release date in May 2021.

If you're passionate about making Microsoft Rewards, you'll be getting some soon just to search for files across your organization. It won't be rolled out until at least May 2021, but it will be a great way to earn more points for just getting your job done.

Of course, Microsoft Rewards doesn't have to be all about you if that's not what you want. Instead, you can use your points for charity, such as: For example, if Microsoft has allowed players to donate points to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 fund.

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