You Can Now Use the New Home windows 10 Taskbar Feed… if You are Fortunate

Only a few people can use the new system tray feed on the release branch.

Microsoft has tested and tested a brand new news feed for the taskbar. Now you can download it via the Windows update in the release branch. However, whether or not you can use the feed depends on whether Microsoft has still found you worthy.

Why can only some people see the Windows 10 news feed?

Windows Latest reported that the new newsfeed in Windows 10 has finally arrived at the main office. If you download the KB5001391 update, you will have the feed on your PC.

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The thing is, you may not see the feed after a reboot. This problem confuses some users who see the feature in the patch notes, download the update, and then return to a barren taskbar.

Microsoft has not confirmed the reason why the feature is not making itself known to some users. However, there is an excellent chance that this update will simply be for Microsoft to update its software using the tactics it knows best.

When Microsoft rolls out an update, the features are sometimes only activated for a few users. After these users try the feature and confirm that it is working properly, Microsoft is slowly starting to enable the feature on multiple PCs.

In a way, you can imagine every PC downloading the newsfeed in the new update, but there is a switch that is set to "Off". The data for the feed is on your PC, but Microsoft has not yet activated it.

Then Microsoft starts toggling this switch from off to on for some PCs. If the function works well, you can continue to press the switch for other computers until it reaches yours. If the feature causes problems, Microsoft can turn it back off until it is resolved.

Microsoft already applied this strategy in early 2021. Microsoft has started rolling out updates for its remote work service, Teams. However, some users have received some features before others because of the method described above.

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When you download the KB5001391 update, don't be surprised if you don't see the newsfeed in your system tray right away. You may have to wait a while before Microsoft deploys it on your PC.

Bring the good news one pc at a time

The Windows 10 system tray newsfeed seems like a promising feature and is now available to a handful of the public. If you update your PC and don't see it right away, give it some time to get on your computer.

There are many good reasons to make sure your Windows 10 PC is checking for updates. In fact, there are a number of important bug fixes and stability improvements in the major "May 2021" update.

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The Windows update from May 10, 2021 is now available in the version preview

It won't be long before Windows 10 version 21H1 finally hits the main branch.

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