You Can Now Use Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS on Extra Units

Many more Chrome OS devices can now use Parallels Desktop to run Windows apps.

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS is a tool that enables users to run Windows apps on Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks. Google recently announced that it would make this tool available to more Chrome OS-based devices. This means that end users have more choices for their next Chromebook.

Parallels Desktop is now available for additional Chromebooks

According to a post on the Google Cloud blog, Google is making Parallels Desktop available for more Chrome OS-based devices. This means you can run Windows apps on more Chromebooks than before.

This gives you the freedom to choose from more Chrome OS devices, knowing that you can take your Windows apps with you.

Additional Chrome OS devices now support Parallels Desktop

According to the announcement, Parallels Desktop support for Chrome OS will now be extended to AMD's Ryzen processors. This means that you can run the tool on your Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga, HP Chromebook Enterprise c645 and Acer Chromebook Enterprise Spin 514 devices.

Chromebox devices such as the HP Chromebox G3 can now also use the above tool.

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Dell's Latitude family of devices also support Parallels Desktop to run native Windows applications.

In the technical specifications, 8 GB of RAM is now sufficient to run the above tool. Previously, the recommended RAM size was 16 GB.

Use Parallels Desktop on more Chrome OS devices

With Google announcing support for Parallels Desktop on more Chrome OS devices, you now have more devices to choose from, both for your personal and professional work.

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