You Can Now Use Immersive Reader in 4 Extra Workplace Apps

PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint and MakeCode support the Immersive Reader function from Microsoft.

Microsoft's Immersive Reader is extremely useful for reading text files. The company is now bringing this feature to four more Office apps so you can read the text with ease.

How Immersive Reader Works

Immersive Reader removes all unnecessary elements from your screen except for the text you want to read. It can even read your text aloud by highlighting each word it speaks.

This makes reading the text in your files a lot easier.

Immersive Reader makes its way to four more Office apps

Microsoft recently announced on its education blog that four more apps will be supported by Immersive Reader.

The official announcement read:

We're excited to announce that Immersive Reader has four other Microsoft apps and services, including PowerPoint for the web, OneDrive, SharePoint, and MakeCode. These setup updates bring this powerful literacy tool to even more places!

As you can see, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, and MakeCode are the apps that get this feature.

Use Immersive Reader in Office Apps

Immersive Reader has been made available specifically in the areas of the apps where you need it most.

PowerPoint on the web

There are two areas in PowerPoint for the web that you can trigger Immersive Readers.

First of all, you can open Immersive Reader from your slides. This will help with reading the text in your slides.

Second, the Immersive Reader is added to the notes area of ​​each slide. In this way, in addition to slides, you can also activate the feature for your custom notes.


SharePoint pages get Immersive Readers to make it easier for you to read the contents of your pages.

Microsoft ran an internal hackathon last fall to test this, and it appeared to be working fine.

A ride

The Immersive Reader in OneDrive makes it much easier to read the text in your Word documents and other text files.

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The option for this feature has been added to the OneDrive main menu to make the feature easier to access.


Reading MakeCode's arcade tutorials and project details has been made easier with the integration of Immersive Reader. Your tutorials will now be in your full screen mode so you can focus on every piece of text.

Read text with ease in more Office apps

If you'd prefer Immersive Reader to read the text in your files, you can now do it in four more Office apps. This will definitely improve your reading experience in these apps.

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