File transfer between Android and Linux has never been easier with Warpinator.

You can now download the Android version of Warpinator, an app originally developed by the Linux Mint team for easy file sharing between Linux computers over a local area network. With the Warpinator app in the Google Play Store, you can now move files seamlessly between your Linux and Android devices.

Linux file sharing goes to Android

Native apps that enable wireless file sharing between Linux and Android aren't all that common, but new ones have been discovered.

If you're using Linux Mint 20, you probably already know Warpinator. The app automatically searches for other devices on your local network that have Warpinator installed and allows you to send and receive files with ease.

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Warpinator has now been reimplemented on Android so you can add Android devices to your Linux file ecosystem. Although the developers are not part of the Linux Mint team, the official Linux Mint blog has been promoting the implementation of the app. The blog post also notes that due to the way the developers created Warpinator, porting it to iOS is entirely possible if someone takes on the task.

Download: Warpinator

How to transfer files wirelessly with Warpinator

Once Warpinator has identified a device on the network, sharing is as easy as dragging and dropping a file onto the Warpinator interface. By default, the app will ask you to approve any file transfer requests before they occur. If you feel safe and don't want to approve every broadcast, you can also disable this feature in the settings.

If you don't trust everyone in your network, you can also set a unique group code on your devices in the Warpinator settings. The standard group code is simple Warpinator. Devices without matching group codes cannot connect to each other.

Already using KDE Connect to share files between Android and Linux? One thing that Warpinator does that KDE Connect doesn't offer is the ability to transfer entire directories. Ready for maximum distortion?

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How to install Warpinator on Linux

Warpinator is installed on all editions of Linux Mint 20 or higher. If for some reason you don't have it, you can just install it with it suitable. Just open up a terminal and run this command:

sudo apt-get install warpinator

If you're on a different Ubuntu-based system, you can try creating Warpinator yourself by following the directions given by the development team.

Wireless file sharing made easy

It's always exciting to see how interconnectivity with other platforms comes to Linux. Warpinator is definitely worth checking out if you have to move files to and from your Android device frequently on Linux.

While Android compatibility doesn't always exist, Linux users actually have plenty of options when it comes to wireless file sharing.

The 7 best wireless file transfer apps on Linux

Do you need to transfer your files over Wi-Fi on Linux? Here are several different methods you can use.

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