Follow these tips to instantly save all of your open tabs to a bookmarks folder in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

multiple tabs on Safari

The number of tabs you've opened in Safari can get out of hand pretty quickly, especially when doing research. You might want to control the clutter and close some tabs to stay organized, but doing so would cause you to lose them. This is where Safari bookmarks come in.

You can bookmark each tab separately, but the task is quite a tedious task when you have a lot of them. Instead, there is a brilliant feature that lets you bookmark all of the open tabs in Safari at once. Below we are going to show you how to do this on your iPhone or Mac.

Here's how to bookmark all of your open Safari tabs on iPhone

Follow these steps to bookmark all of your Safari tabs at once:

  1. On one of your open tabs, tap and hold the a book Icon at the bottom of Safari.

  2. You will see three options: Add bookmarks for X tabs, Add bookmarks, and Add to reading list. Tap on Add bookmarks for X tabs to save all of your tabs.

  3. After you hit Add bookmarks for X tabs, a new popup called New folder will appear. This will allow you to change the name of the folder that you will create for all of your new bookmarks. You can also choose the location of your bookmarks Favorites and bookmark.

  4. After making the changes, tap Save on computer Screen.

All of your open tabs will be saved in the same folder you just created. If you want to access your bookmarked tabs later, tap the a book Icon at the bottom of the screen again. From the three icons at the top of your screen that appear bookmark, Reading list, and story, press the a book Icon on the left to open bookmarks.

If you save your location as a. have chosen bookmark, you will see your folder with saved tabs here. If you save your location as a. have chosen Favorites, tap the Favorites Folder, and you'll see your folder here instead

Another cool feature besides saving multiple tabs when looking for projects is Reader View in Safari.

Here's how to bookmark all of your open Safari tabs on Mac

Before you can save any open Safari tabs on a Mac, make sure Safari is updated.

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When you've done that, here's how to bookmark all of your open Safari tabs on a Mac:

  1. On any of the open tabs, click the bookmark Option in the menu bar.

  2. Select from the drop-down menu Add bookmarks for these X tabs.

    Bookmarks tab on Safari Mac

  3. You can choose the location for your bookmarks from the drop-down list below, under Add this bookmark folder to: and also change the name for the new folder.

  4. After making the changes, click Add to.

    save new folder on Mac

To open the tabs again at a later time, simply click on the bookmark Press again and select Show favorites or Show bookmarks, depending on where you saved your tabs.

You can also open the bookmarks by showing the sidebar in your Safari window. Press the Show sidebar Icon at the top of your window and find your folder in the list that appears. Ctrl-click and press Open in new tabs to open all of your saved tabs at once.

Surfing in Safari made easy

This handy feature makes it easy to browse or research Safari without it getting messy or disorganized. You can create easily accessible folders for all of your tabs and access them at any time. It's like an effortless online portfolio.

All you have to do is open your bookmarks and select the option that allows you to bookmark all of the tabs. You can choose your name and location for your saved tabs.

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