Why Microsoft Is Rolling Whiteboard Again to an Previous Model

Are you struggling to understand the new whiteboard? Do not worry! Microsoft is rolling back to the old version. Here's why!

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Microsoft's whiteboard application received a significant update in September 2021 and users are far from happy.

The update is intended to standardize the development of whiteboards across platforms. To do this, Whiteboard was moved from the older universal Windows platform to the newer WebView. There are some advantages to this change, but also some disadvantages.

Whiteboard is moved in WebView

One advantage is that the application can now be used directly across all platforms and devices. This means that the whiteboard you access on your phone is the same whiteboard that you access on your computer.

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However, the transition did not go smoothly. Many users have criticized the decision on Reddit, highlighting the drawbacks of the switch.

The main complaints relate to lack of functionality and poor functionality. Since switching to WebView, Whiteboard has reportedly introduced longer load times and performance issues. There are also some features that have been confirmed to have been completely removed such as: Ruler Tool.


Microsoft listens to feedback

Longer load times and latency are common issues for any application that is based on WebView, and some users fear that this may not be the right step for the whiteboard application.

For now, Microsoft agrees. Almost two months after the changeover, Microsoft announced that it would roll back Whiteboard to the older UWP version.

Mathivathan Vhallatharasu, Microsoft's Senior Product Manager for Whiteboard, posted on Twitter about the issues.

“We're pausing the rollout and postponing anyone who has already upgraded while we respond to feedback. New features remain available in teams, on the web and on mobile devices. "

Rollback to the old version

The rollback should become active in the next few days and allow Windows users to continue using the older, more feature-rich version of Whiteboard. At the moment it is unknown what future updates will look like, be they WebView based or something else.

If you can't wait or just want to avoid future issues with whiteboard updates, check out our list of free whiteboard alternatives.

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