Which Is the Finest Browser in 2021?

It has quickly become the industry standard since Google Chrome was released in 2008. When Microsoft Edge was released along with Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft hoped that users would finally look back at their native browser. Luckily for Google, Microsoft Edge couldn't compromise Chrome's status as the best web browser for Windows 10.

A debate between Edge and Chrome would have been ridiculous a few years ago. After Microsoft introduced a Chromium engine for Edge, the battle for the best web browser for Windows 10 is more open than ever.

This comparative rating is based on Google Chrome 89 and Microsoft Edge 89.

Design & engine

Both Edge and Chrome are pretty similar in terms of design. Edge now looks a lot cleaner and uses sleek, rounded buttons. The search / url bar is almost identical to Google Chrome, as is the layout for the bookmarks bar, extensions, and settings. A familiar design will attract more users to Edge, and Microsoft is counting on it.

Google Chrome recently added a new feature that lets you group tabs. Grouping tabs can help you tidy up your work area and increase productivity. But be warned, this comes at the expense of increased memory usage.

Microsoft may have just overtaken one with its built-in dark mode on Microsoft Edge. However, in Google Chrome, you have to tinker with the Windows personalization settings to enable dark mode. If you don't want to change your Windows 10 settings, third-party extensions can also enable dark mode in Google Chrome.

However, you can use custom themes in Google Chrome. The Chrome Web Store has an extensive collection of available themes that you can put to good use.

Like Google Chrome, the new and improved Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open source browser. Chromium is known for its minimalist user interface that makes browsing the web quick and easy.


To closely compare the performance of both browsers, we decided to test Edge and Chrome with some of the best benchmarking tools in the industry. We ran three different tests to get a more reliable and unbiased comparison.

We measured the HTML5 compatibility test first. This test shows how well a web browser supports the HTML5 standards. Unsurprisingly, the HTML5 test was a tie with a score of 577, given that both Chrome and Edge run essentially on the same engine.

Before we run the following tests, let's reset the web browsers to their default settings and all extensions / add-ons have been disabled.

The WebXPRT 3 benchmarking tool is an industry standard benchmark that measures web browser performance as it goes through various scenarios that mimic average daily usage. After a rigorous test, Google Chrome scored a decent 81/100 score, while Microsoft Edge scored an exceptional 90/100 score.

Similarly, Edge outperformed Chrome with a whopping 48.5 compared to Chrome with 37.1 in the Speedometer2.0 test. These results are proof that Microsoft Edge is vastly superior in terms of performance on Windows 10.

RAM usage

It's no secret that Google Chrome takes up a large chunk of your random access memory. Ironically, Chrome was once known for using minimal system resources. In comparison, Microsoft Edge uses fewer memory resources, which makes it ideal for systems with limited memory.

You can open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar to see the amount of memory each program is using. Our results showed that ten Google Chrome tabs used approximately 1100MB of RAM, while ten Microsoft Edge tabs used only 800MB.

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On a PC with limited resources, performance will improve significantly when using Microsoft Edge. In terms of memory usage, Microsoft Edge is much lighter than its Google Chrome counterpart, which is why Edge has the edge this time around.

Privacy & security

In today's digital world, data protection plays an important role. Companies like Facebook and Google are constantly striving to balance their needs for user data and user privacy.

In 2020, Chrome 83 was released with several new security and privacy features for users. Despite the added security features and an improved privacy options menu, privacy remained confusing for the average user. The poorly designed user interface makes navigating the privacy and security settings quite complicated.

Another essential security feature in this update was Safe browsing. This would give you different levels of cyber protection depending on your needs. Google recommends choosing Advanced Protection for faster, more proactive protection. Unsurprisingly, you'd agree to send your browsing data to Google in exchange for complete protection.

On the flip side, Microsoft Edge has taken proactive measures that have made it much easier for users to deal with privacy and security. During installation, users are given an easy-to-understand set of privacy options. Edge gives you basic, Balanced, or Strict Tracking prevention and the possible consequences of each are well explained.

When we compare the privacy and security features of Edge and Chrome, it's pretty amazing to see how Microsoft Edge is a better choice. Microsoft has focused on making privacy and security comprehensive and accessible for users, and it has paid off. While both browsers give you the option to configure identical security settings, you can do it a lot faster in Edge.


Google Chrome has been around for over a decade, so it's not surprising that Chrome supports a much wider range of platforms.

Chrome is the default web browser and search engine for almost all Android devices and Chromebooks. In addition to Windows and MacOS, Google Chrome is compatible with iOS and even offers Linux support for Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, Android, iOS and macOS. Edge is now compatible with Linux too, but Microsoft is unlikely to support Chrome OS.

Microsoft Edge is the superior Windows 10 browser

After a comprehensive comparison of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, we can safely say that Microsoft Edge is by far the best Windows 10 browser of 2021.

Edge consistently outperforms Chrome in terms of performance, privacy and security, and system memory usage. However, when it comes to compatibility support for both browsers, Chrome has the edge. However, this could work in favor of Microsoft Edge in the coming future.

2021 could finally be the year you find that Microsoft Edge has the edge over Google Chrome.

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