Which Is Proper for You?

In the market for a new PC? Stuck between Mac or Windows? We'll cover you.

You're likely familiar with both Mac and Windows computers, but choosing which device to buy is an important decision that should be considered from all angles. This article provides an insight into how a Mac and a Windows PC work.

It also tries to provide you with enough knowledge to make an informed decision. Let's take a deep dive into the debate: Mac versus Windows

A look at macOS

Mac computers want to be an extension of themselves, a creation and calculation tool that doesn't compromise usability or style. What's it like to own one? Let's find out.

Initial setup, commissioning and registration

An iconic silver apple that shines against a Black Sea; This is what you hit when you start your Mac.

For the most part, initial setup is guided by Apple's setup wizard. However, you will need to manually enter details like time zone, Apple ID, country or region, etc. before signing in for the first time.

Mac computers are known for their fast startup times. Full restarts typically take 30 to 90 seconds and run smoothly.

Sign in with Touch ID if you have a compatible MacBook, or use your chosen alphanumeric password for other Mac models.

Note: If you are familiar with older versions of macOS, you may find that there is no startup signal on newer Macs.

Pre-installed software

macOS is packed with a number of familiar apps that you may have used on other devices in the Apple ecosystem.

Send texts over WiFi with iMessage, connect to your loved ones around the world with FaceTime, and download your favorite apps from the App Store. Macs leave little to be desired in this department.

All the apps that come with macOS can be found on the Apple website.


macOS is equipped with a number of customization options that allow you to switch between light and dark mode, set your desktop background, adjust the font size, and much more.

Document management

With macOS, it's extremely easy to find the files you're looking for. Use Spotlight Search anytime to find files of all kinds, create math equations, and more.

The Finder can get a little messy at times when you find yourself able to drag files on top of each other. The good news: you can sort them into perfect lines with the push of a button.

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As mentioned earlier, Spotlight search is extremely useful. You can also use the search bar in the Finder to find files.

They also have a significant impact on how you view the results that are listed. You can view files in list view, portrait orientation, and more. This is useful for checking thumbnails of videos before opening them.

Virtual assistant

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you've probably already met Siri. Siri can open apps on your Mac, set timers, create alarms, add reminders, and more.


You may have heard the saying "Macs don't get viruses" or a variation of it. While this is not entirely true, macOS is a particularly secure operating system. Follow the guidelines for smart browsing, and it is extremely unlikely that you have a malware-ridden Mac.


Apple is a massive advocate for accessibility. For a complete list of Mac accessibility settings and their descriptions, see the Apple website.


While Mac prices are high, they are consistent. You can buy a new 16-inch MacBook Pro from the Apple Store for $ 2,399, or you can wait until you find the same device for sale from other reputable sellers like Newegg or Amazon.

Prices vary depending on the machine and internal hardware.

Apple also operates a Refurbished Store where you can buy certified Macs at heavily discounted prices. This is a great option for anyone on a budget.

A look at Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system (originally released on July 29, 2015) is hugely popular because of its software compatibility and high functionality.

You can do almost anything you can dream of doing on a Windows PC. Let's take a closer look at what it's like to own one.

Initial setup, commissioning and registration

Windows 10 welcomes first-time users with a streamlined setup process. You can even use Cortana, Windows 10's virtual assistant, to be ready to go with your voice. You enter details like your region, username and password, language and preferred Wi-Fi connection.

Once you're done, Windows 10 will set up your desktop and apps and allow you to sign in for the first time.

Every other time you start your Windows PC, you'll be greeted with your motherboard's BIOS screen first, or the standard Windows 10 boot loading screen.

The start time depends heavily on the specifications under the hood of the computer. For example, a computer with Windows on an SSD has a significant advantage over computers with Windows on a hard drive. Generally, it takes 10 seconds to two minutes from power on to login based on the computer's hardware and software.

If you've set up face recognition on a compatible Windows PC (such as a Surfacebook Pro 2), you can simply sign in using your webcam.

Otherwise, you can log in by entering an alphanumeric password or a four-digit PIN of your choice. Windows checks your password or passcode and sends it to your desktop.

Pre-installed software

Windows 10 comes with deployed software that sets the baseline for ease of use and customization.

For the full list of pre-installed software from Microsoft, see the Microsoft website. Most likely, you'll be using Edge (to download your preferred browser), File Explorer (to navigate your saved data and apps), and Settings (to personalize your PC).

The Microsoft Store is useful for finding desktop applications like Netflix and Spotify.

Note: Interestingly, Windows 10 doesn't come pre-installed with a free version of Chess, an important pastime of other operating systems like Windows 7 and macOS. Granted, you can download as many free chess apps as you want from the Microsoft Store.


With Windows 10, you can sit in the captain's chair and control it however you want. Would you like your desktop to be a specific hexadecimal color (e.g. # f542c8) or a picture of your favorite author's dog? Go straight ahead!

Seriously, Windows 10 has settings that let you adjust screen brightness, light and dark mode, default font size, Bluetooth connections (if your device is compatible), data protection (e.g. which apps your location or microphone is using can control. and much more.

You also have other Windows-aided, software-based customization options to play around with, such as: B. Google Chrome Extensions and Themes. If you're a Steam fan, Wallpaper Engine lets desktop users download and serve animated backgrounds – an option not available to Mac users.

Document management

File management under Windows 10 can be done via the command prompt or the graphical user interface (GUI). If all you want to do is surf the web, play video games, or work for your school or job, Windows 10's user interface is reliable and easy to use.

File Explorer contains all of the files on your computer, from the most recent memes in photos and Videos for your detailed analysis of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" in documents.

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If you're a software developer who creates websites or apps, the Command Prompt (or a built-in terminal) might become your best friend. Just enter a few commands to create, move, and save files without leaving your IDE.

Windows 10 has a search bar located in the lower left of the screen. It'll bring up results that you can filter by name and file type so you can find exactly what you're looking for in no time.

You can also search for files in File Explorer. This is especially useful when you know where a file is stored but can't find it in a large list. Just navigate to the directory (like Downloads or Desktop) and enter a keyword in the search bar at the top right.

Note: As you fill your computer's available memory, search times will increase as Windows searches more data to display your result.

Virtual assistant

Cortana is Windows 10's voice-controlled virtual assistant. How can Cortana help you? Cortana can open apps, set alarms and timers, manage calendar details and much more at your command.


There are far more malicious scripts out there for Windows 10 users than for macOS users. However, if you follow the smart surfing rules and keep your version of Windows up to date, you are unlikely to face any security issues.

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Windows 10 comes with a (free) built-in antivirus program. However, for security reasons, we recommend that you download a trusted third-party antivirus such as Malwarebytes. it can only help and the free version doesn't cost a dime.


Windows 10 has a section called "Accessibility" user friendliness. You can adjust the size of the font, icon and cursor, filter colors to work with color blindness, activate a magnifying glass or narrator, and much more.


There is a wide variety of Windows PCs available. Therefore, prices vary from machine to machine depending on the hardware. A simple laptop to get your job done costs $ 250 while a top-notch Bitcoin mining rig can easily cost $ 20,000.

Check your price with other websites and stores before committing to a purchase. It can be cheaper to buy the parts individually and build your PC when you are up to the task.

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macOS vs. Windows: Which one is best for gaming?

In the game battle between MacOS and Windows 10, the advantage undoubtedly goes to Windows 10.

There are an overwhelming number of supported titles for Windows users while Mac users only have a fraction of the options.

Steam, a hugely popular game distribution service, has nearly 7,000 top sellers that you can play on macOS. You also have access to nearly 2,000 free-to-play options.

Compare this to the nearly 20,000 bestsellers and nearly 7,000 free-to-play titles available on Windows 10, and it's clear which platform developers prefer this.

Software aside, Macs are meant to be bought once and used over and over again. They are not meant to be taken apart and improved upon – Windows gaming rigs are.

Anyone can create and update their own Windows gaming PC with the help of a YouTube tutorial. You may even find that you enjoy the process.

VR support

Virtual Reality (VR) is still about to become profitable in the consumer market, which means that not many titles are available for purchase yet.

Other than that, Windows 10 is superior for VR-assisted titles. Also, Macs are typically not powerful enough to run VR games smoothly.

Windows vs. Mac: Which Should You Choose to Build?

While Mac seems like the obvious choice for building and we believe it does, Windows doesn't fall far behind the curve.

Mac users have access to the same essential content creation tools as Windows users (like Adobe Creative Cloud), but they also have access to exclusive apps like GarageBand and Keynote.

The Apple ecosystem is also extremely useful for developing an efficient workflow. Create an animation with your iPad and Apple Pencil, send it to your MacBook via AirDrop, implement it in your Adobe Premiere project and edit it.

Windows 10 users aren't left in the dust either – they actually have far more third-party tools at their disposal than Mac users. However, the ease of use built into the Apple ecosystem cannot be ignored.

Hardware selection for Mac and Windows

The choice of hardware is incredibly large for Windows users and almost nonexistent for Mac users.

While there is room for hardware customization when choosing which Mac to buy, upgrading is next to impossible and your choice of parts is limited.

On the other hand, Windows PC manufacturers enjoy a variety of different companies like Nvidia, AMD, Intel and many more that offer parts of all types.

Mac and Windows ecosystems

Apple dominates the game when it comes to tech ecosystems, being careful not to forget about Mac users.

As a macOS user, you have access to AirDrop, iMessage, FaceTime, the App Store and many more apps that allow you to connect all of your Apple devices into one seamless experience.

Windows users are not completely excluded as they still have access to cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive, which allow storage on multiple devices. However, it's difficult to call this an ecosystem like Apple's connectivity network.

Windows 10 vs. MacOS: which operating system is superior?

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about Windows 10 vs. MacOS. What you choose ultimately depends on your needs – there are few absolute cases (other than gaming … here with Windows 10!).

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