Which Is Higher for You?

When looking for a new laptop, both MacBooks and Chromebooks will likely be your first considerations. Each offers a wide range of features, but none of them will perfectly meet all needs.

Before investing, it is worth looking at both devices side by side for a clearer picture. And if you are looking for that, you have come to the right place.

Read on to compare the Chromebook and MacBook's price, features, and more so you can make the best buying decision possible.


When looking at a new laptop, price plays an integral part in your final decision. Even if you can't afford one or the other right away, it is wise to have an idea of ​​how much you are going to save.

The cost of a MacBook depends on the type you get. A MacBook Air starts at $ 999 while the 13-inch MacBook Pro is more expensive at $ 1,299. A 16-inch MacBook Pro costs almost twice the price and costs $ 2,399.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, are much more budget-friendly. For example, you can get an Acer Chromebook for just $ 249. The HP Chromebook x360 14c and Acer Chromebook Spin 713 cost a little more, costing $ 629 each.

Whether you buy a MacBook or a Chromebook, keep in mind that buying a second-hand one can bring the price down a bit. Alternatively, if you're looking for a MacBook as a student, you can take advantage of Apple's student discount to save some money.

operating system

MacBooks use the macOS operating system, which you only get on Apple computers. They get a major update every year that the company usually releases sometime in the fall. In the meantime, you'll need to download updates to fix issues like glitches and security risks.

Chromebooks now use Chrome OS – developed by Google. If you choose to buy one of these laptops, you will receive an update roughly every six weeks. In between, you will usually receive smaller updates every two or three weeks.

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When we settle the Chromebook versus MacBook laptop debate, we need to look at the unique capabilities of each device. MacBooks have a lot going for them, including Siri – Apple's personal assistant, which you can use even if you have an iPhone.

In addition to a voice assistant, MacBooks also have many other handy tools to help you work more efficiently. One of the most popular is Screen Time, which allows you to see how long you are spending on your computer and where you divide your time.

Another interesting MacBook feature is creating shortcuts in every corner of your screen known as hot corners. Plus, you can copy and paste content onto your iPhone and iPad – and more.

Related: Unused Mac Features And How To Use ThemChromebooks are certainly no buff when it comes to unique features, however. For example, you can record your screen from your computer. You can also see the history of your clipboard.

While MacBooks have Siri, your Chromebook laptop comes with a voice assistant too. Instead of Siri, use the conveniently named Google Assistant.

If you have an Android smartphone, you'll also be happy to know that you can use Android apps on a Chromebook.


While knowing what your laptop can and can't do is helpful, it doesn't mean much if the build quality is poor and you have to replace it regularly.

Chromebooks vary in weight and size depending on the model purchased. The Acer Spin 713 weighs 3 pounds while the HP Chromebook x360 14c weighs around 3.61 pounds.

MacBook Air devices are relatively light, with the 2021 model weighing 2.8 pounds. Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs 3 pounds and the 16-inch version weighs 4.3 pounds.

Chromebooks also differ in terms of material depending on the version selected. Some use metal while others are mostly plastic. With MacBooks, your device will be mostly made of aluminum.


Of course, it's difficult to decide which one to buy a MacBook or Chromebook laptop without looking at quality first. Chromebooks are typically good value for money, with regular software updates and consistent performance.

Another notable thing about Chromebooks is that they have pretty good battery life. In general, you should be able to use your device for just under 10 hours before you need to plug in your charger.

If you're a teacher using a Chromebook, you might have clumsy students. With that in mind, it's helpful to know that some laptops are waterproof – which should provide additional protection from spills.

MacBooks are known for their high quality levels, and at such a high price, don't expect less. For the most part, you shouldn't have any performance issues, while Apple is also great at protecting its devices from malware.

If you use a MacBook, you also get good battery life. For example, the 2020 version of the MacBook Pro can last 16 hours under the right conditions. How long your battery lasts depends, of course, on what you're doing when you're using your computer. the same goes for Chromebooks.

It should be noted that MacBooks are not waterproof.


Another difference between a Chromebook and a MacBook laptop is how long they last, although longevity also depends on how well you handle your device.

If used correctly, a MacBook should last a long time. You certainly shouldn't need to replace your device for five years, and it could last eight or more if you are really caring. Generally, you will get macOS updates for a while, but for security reasons and more, it is wise to consider upgrading as soon as they stop.

The battery of a MacBook should not need to be replaced for at least 1,000 cycles.

Chromebooks don't necessarily last as long as MacBooks. However, you shouldn't have to replace them every year. Instead, around five years should be enough if you treat your device well.

Note that Chromebook batteries may not last as long as MacBooks. Instead, you'll likely have to change it every 500 cycles or so.


Since Chromebooks and MacBooks run on different operating systems, you have access to different apps. Some are available on both devices, e.g. B. Skype and Spotify. However, this is not the case with others.

You can't use Safari and Apple's Office suite on Chromebooks. On a MacBook, you can download Google Chrome, but you'll need to use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in your web browser.

Chromebook vs. MacBook: Which Will You Choose?

Chromebooks and MacBooks compete a little with each other, but the truth is that they are both geared towards different demographics. MacBooks are an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable device that will last a long time and perform well. You should consider buying it if you use energy-consuming software like photo and video editing apps.

On the other hand, if you work in education or with young people, consider using a Chromebook. The devices are less prone to water damage and have more than enough features to help users get their jobs done and host interactive lessons.

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