What’s New With Apple’s Podcasts App?

With the rise of podcasts, multitasking is easier than ever, and you can now hear your favorite story at the same time as you fold your laundry or file your taxes.

The rise in popularity of podcasts has left Apple with no choice but to redesign the Apple Podcasts app. In addition to some fascinating new features, there is now a completely new design.

New app design

Apple has introduced a beautiful and elegant new design for the iOS Podcasts app. Over the years, Apple Podcasts has made some pretty drastic changes to how it works. According to Apple executives, the recent changes are the biggest in the company's history.

If you look back at the old Apple Podcasts design, the app looks almost unrecognizable.

Apple has made significant changes to the Podcasts app over the past twenty years to improve both the usability and the overall aesthetics of the app. The updates included in Apple's Spring 2021 event are mostly focused on ease of use.

A major update will include an updated search bar to better identify previous favorites and new suggestions. Apple Podcast users know how difficult it can be to find an episode using just your storage and the search bar.

Once you find a program, interacting with its community and creators is now much easier as the pages focus on making the program much easier to share, follow, explore, and listen to.

The best user addition for Apple Podcasts is the Smart play Button. If you've ever seen an interesting new podcast but weren't sure where to start, Smart play will help you.

Smart play automatically recognizes whether a show from the oldest or newest episode should be played. This is incredibly helpful as it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a show is an anthology or an actual plot.

After years of inquiries, Apple Podcasts finally allows users to save and download individual episodes without subscribing to them. This is an excellent opportunity for users who want to try a new program but don't necessarily want to listen to every new episode that comes out.


channels behave similarly to curated music playlists, but instead focus on podcast suggestions. Just as television channels summarize television programs of a similar nature, podcast channels aim to do the same.

As podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years, it's a lot easier to group content.

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Although Apple Podcasts always offered different genres for surfing, channels allows users to browse niche content and creator-based suggestions. Apple Podcasts Channels help listeners expand their repertoire of shows.

New channels is continuously added to your personalized recommendationsThis means it will be easier than ever to find new shows, creators, and stories.


In addition to Apple's podcast channels, the company also wants to focus on its curated podcasts. These curated shows will capture culturally relevant events, trending episodes, and the hottest new creators, making it easy for listeners to keep in touch with the podcasting community.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

In May 2020, Apple will launch Apple Podcasts subscriptions in over 170 regions. This will have a significant impact on a market that has primarily focused on ad-supported content for decades.

In the past, a podcast had to be popular in order to secure ad revenue and revenue. In the future, developers will now have a better opportunity to act independently of advertisers. This should help create more diverse content for the listeners.

The introduction of podcast subscriptions can transform Apple Podcasts as we know them, turning them into a platform similar to Patreon. To understand how subscriptions affect your personal Apple Podcast usage, let's break this category down into two main parts: Creator and listeners.


Apple Podcasts subscriptions were launched primarily for developers. Developers have the option to join the Apple Podcasters program, which costs $ 19.99 per year. This program gives developers access to the new Apple Podcasts for Creators website and the Apple Podcasts dashboard.

From there you can create and control your podcast.

The website helps the developers focus on creating the best podcast possible, while the dashboard mainly focuses on the front end of the show. This relates to scheduling new episodes, keeping track of metadata related to the program, watching your audience, creating new channels, and more.

The focus for developers is on being able to create more content with fewer challenges.

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Apple Podcasts subscriptions for listeners work very differently than the new content creation platform. Rather than allowing full access for a single annual or monthly fee, Apple Podcasts focuses on individual subscriptions for each creator or chow, which is further similar to Patreon.

Listeners have the option to choose which shows they want to subscribe to.

It's up to the developers to create exclusive, ad-free content for their subscription platform. It is then up to the listeners to decide whether or not to support the creator with a subscription.

These subscription options are available to both large businesses and individual content makers. The price of each Apple Podcast subscription depends on the creator.

A treasure hunt for the perfect podcast

Apple Podcasts is focused on the future of audio entertainment and how it will affect not only the listeners but the actual developers as well. As users constantly experience important updates to Apple's apps, it becomes easier and easier to find interesting and relevant podcast topics.

The developments in the Apple Podcasts search bar and the inclusion of channels should only add further support to this search for knowledge. Despite all of this advancement, if you're still struggling to find the perfect listening material, if you're still struggling to find the perfect listening material, try to find podcasts worth listening to.

5 unusual ways to discover podcasts worth listening to

Here are some non-traditional ways to discover podcasts that you love to hear.

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