Bodhi Linux 6 has been released with new features and the latest improvements. Here's what to expect.

Bodhi Linux, the self-described "Enlightened Linux Distribution", has just received its first major release in over a year. Bodhi version 6.0.0 brings a few changes and improvements, and we're going to look at them today. We'll also consider your choices when upgrading or moving to Bodhi 6.

What is Bodhi Linux?

Bodhi Linux is an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution that values ​​minimalism and user choice. In keeping with this philosophy, the standard Bodhi Linux installation contains only a tiny number of preinstalled apps and the freedom to install any additional apps.

To further increase user freedom, the desktop environment for Bodhi Linux, Moksha, provides the user with as many configuration options as possible. It's also light and fast, making it one of the best distros for older devices.

The Bodhi desktop offers a beautiful environment with natural images and organic tones. You can tell the developers that they put a lot of emphasis on aesthetics in designing this enlightened distribution.

Important changes in Bodhi 6

Bodhi Linux 6 brings some new changes. In addition to the numerous fixes and performance improvements under the hood, the following are the most important changes that you should be aware of.

1. New package base

The previous March 2020 point release, Bodhi 5.1.0, was based on Ubuntu 18.04. Bodhi 6.0.0 has moved to the Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Focal Fossa Core.

2. Changes in the file manager

The standard file browser for Bodhi, previously PCManFM, has been replaced with a patched version of Thunar File Manager. It was modified specifically for Bodhi and its unique theme.

3. New standard browser

Previously, Bodhi was equipped with the Epiphany web browser, also known as GNOME Web. When you get the Standard Edition of Bodhi Linux, your preinstalled browser is Chromium. If you're a Chrome fan this is a welcome change.

4. Updated topics

Your startup experience will be different in Bodhi 6 as both the Plymouth theme and login screen have been redesigned. The iconic Arc Green theme itself has been redesigned and now has an animated background in which the name of the distribution is faded in and out.

Choose your Bodhi 6 flavor

When you're ready to get enlightened, visit the Bodhi Linux download page to find the "flavor" that suits your taste. You have four options:

  • Default: The standard installation assumes that you know what to expect from your distribution. This edition contains only the most important apps, so you have space to fill in the apps you prefer. For reasons of stability, the standard kernel (version 5.4.0-72) does not receive any updates.
  • HWE: This variant, short for "Hardware Enablement", offers you a more up-to-date kernel that will continue to receive updates in the future. It comes with the minimal collection of apps from Standard. We recommend this option if you have a newer computer that may need the latest hardware support from the kernel.
  • AppPack: This is essentially an expanded edition of Standard with lots of additional apps and themes. If you don't mind a larger ISO, several useful tools like LibreOffice, Geany, and Blender are preinstalled. It also comes with games, printer support, and HexChat.
  • Heritage: This edition has been modified specifically for use with 32-bit computers. It contains the same basic app collection as Standard, and the kernel (version 4.9.0-6-686) does not receive any updates.

Whichever edition you choose, be sure to visit the Bodhi Linux forums for support and discussion. The Bodhi community is very active and friendly to new users.

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A fresh take on the enlightened distribution

Are you running a previous version of Bodhi and wondering if you should upgrade? Bodhi 6 is stable and offers various improvements. If you stick to 5.1 you won't get hurt for now (official support for Ubuntu 18.04 lasts until April 2023), but you would at least benefit from an updated package base for the apps you use.

If you are new to Bodhi, the distribution is definitely unique among the numerous options. Its beautiful themes and fast engine make it an ideal option for those who value aesthetics, efficiency and simplicity. In fact, the default installation is one of several great, lightweight options for running Linux on PCs with minimal disk space.

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