What Is Home windows Core OS?

Microsoft is already one of the largest companies in the world, but it is never on its laurels. There's always something to update, and that's what Windows Core OS is all about: improving the company's technology.

The plan for a super operating system began years ago and remains a dream to this day. Software and hardware are on the way to changing the way Windows users and developers work.

Here is everything you should know about Windows Core, from ideas to facts.

What is Windows Core OS?

The new operating system, which aims to be modular, is a simplified and far more practical version of what you know today. Basically, all Microsoft devices have the same Windows Core OS foundation, on which developers can add and customize containers with functions.

The design of the appearance and content of various devices becomes much more efficient. This is the result of the merging of current technologies and future-oriented innovations.

Windows Core operating system components

Microsoft's timeless OneCore is being merged with a new, departmental operating system that has been reduced to its basic and essential elements. Hence the name Core OS.

Plus, plans previously exclude older apps – old software that's still being used for better or for worse. It's no surprise when you consider that Microsoft is slowly ending support for them anyway. Internet Explorer 11 and the older version of Microsoft Edge are among the latest versions.

However, Microsoft does not leave behind C Shell (short for Composable Shell). The same modular idea gave birth to this interface technology.

Because of this, the appearance of a Microsoft device changes quickly based on how someone is using or even holding it. C Shell will be equally important in designing the Windows Core user interface.

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is another important part of the Core OS plan. It's one of Microsoft's best tools for creating apps and it will help shape the key features of the new system.

UWP, OneCore and C Shell are the pillars of the new system. Between them and the additional innovations Microsoft is developing, Windows Core OS should represent a major shift in business productivity and value.

How does Windows Core OS affect the user experience?

Microsoft is committed to eliminating known issues and making the user experience smoother than ever.

Because of the universal nature of Core OS, you don't have to relearn how to navigate with each new device. You should find the same interface and controls on all Microsoft systems.

Another option is to extract the special features of a platform onto another device. For example, gamers could use Xbox controls on a PC and vice versa without messing up the basic operating system.

Microsoft Xbox Console Controller

When it comes to gaming, links between Windows Core OS and GameCore also promise titles that run on both Xbox and PC. GameCore is another new platform for game and app development with an emphasis on cross-platform compatibility.

Operating system core plans also aim to make updates faster and more discreet. Again, it depends on the modular structure so that users can work as usual while the device is being updated in the background.

One disadvantage is that you can't just update Windows 10 with the new system. As a completely redesigned operating system, the price will also be high. On the other hand, you get a much smoother experience than old versions of Windows.

As mentioned earlier, older features are not part of the plan, even such as Win32. However, some software products are so popular that Microsoft may find a way to integrate them. After all, Core OS technology, especially the idea of ​​containers, is still young and full of potential.

Existing forms of Microsoft Core OS

Windows 10X is Microsoft's first big step in realizing its core operating system dream. Currently, 10X is only suitable for dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo. The system also includes several Greek code names to help solve the puzzle.

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Windows 10x

Santorini or Lite refers to the same overall Windows 10X system for foldable PCs, laptops and tablets. Centaurus is another dual-screen project in the works, while Pegasus seems to be focused on other types of 2-in-1s besides laptops.

Everything will become clearer as Microsoft gets closer to its goals. In the meantime, Windows Feature Experience Packs and their familiar design are another technology to investigate that could relate to the core operating system. Also, don't forget about GameCore and the modular pointers it contains.

Devices that support Microsoft Core OS technology

Surface Neo is more or less the flagship for Windows 10X and therefore for Core OS. As a result of the Centaurus project, it is a dual-screen computer with 9-inch displays and a detachable keyboard, due to be released in early 2021, if not earlier.

HoloLens 2 will also give consumers a taste of Windows Core OS. While the headset is not fully available, it does have a version of the new C Shell-based user interface and features that are specific to smart glasses. This includes being able to insert apps into your peripheral view and interact with your virtual environment.

Microsoft Hololens 2 features and specifications

The Xbox Series X is the center of attention due to rumors of an upcoming Windows mode that would give the console PC-based capabilities. In fact, Xbox is often a platform of interest to Core OS executives that could be the first of many cross-platform features.

Surface Hub 2X is a cartridge upgrade for the Hub 2S digital whiteboard that may be running Windows 10X. Despite Microsoft's recent problems releasing the cartridge and having problems providing updates to the Surface Hub, this shows that the company is expanding the scope of Core OS into enterprise markets.

Why is Windows Core OS important?

Microsoft Windows tablets with touch pens

Microsoft wants to make products much easier and cheaper. It also wants to improve the user experience as much as possible. Windows Core OS helps by providing a completely new Windows program and a new Windows environment on PC, console and mobile phone.

The main problem with Windows 10 today is the effort involved in setting up each device. Although they all share a common ground in the form of OneCore, every new smartphone or laptop has been designed from the ground up.

No matter how successful Windows is with consumers, the time and money Microsoft is spending on development is not ideal. It's even worse when a product like the Surface RT doesn't impress and doesn't cover its cost. These are not the types of Windows problems that you can use free online repair tools to fix.

Ultimately, Microsoft programmers and the company will benefit most from Windows Core OS, but users will enjoy many benefits. A universal and more functional interface, along with smoother performance and updates, are the least you can expect.

Find out about the latest experiences with Windows Core operating systems

After years of waiting, you will soon be seeing some of the fruits of Microsoft's labor. Windows 10X, Surface Neo, and other emerging products should answer many questions for consumers, but also developers, about where their technologies can improve.

Windows Core OS is still a dream far away. However, Microsoft and its innovators still seem determined to do this for the benefit of programmers and users alike.

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