What Can You Do With Linux on a Chromebook?

Set up Linux on your Chromebook but don't know what to do now? Here are three things you can try.

With most Chromebooks now able to install a Linux virtual environment, you might be wondering what to do with it. There are many things you can do with Linux installation on your Chromebook.

1. Try your hand at programming

Google is positioning the Linux environment as a developer tool, and that's no surprise given that Linux desktops are already widely used at Google. Linux has always been a developer favorite, and you can install compilers and interpreters for almost any programming language. You can even run graphical editors and IDEs.

You can tinker with Python, run word processing in Perl, and even use C to get closer to the hardware, or at least as much as possible in a virtual machine.

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2. Remote access with SSH / Mosh

While Chromebooks did have an SSH app for connecting to remote computers, you won't find Chrome app functionality on Chromebooks in 2021. There's a Chrome browser extension that promises to replace it, but in the Linux environment, you can also install OpenSSH much more flexibly than just an extension.

In addition to logging into systems using SSH, you can also generate keys that you need when you don't have one. You can also use Mosh on connections that remain when you switch networks or put your Chromebook to sleep.

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3. Learn more about the Linux operating system

If you're interested in Linux, exploring it on a Chromebook is a great option. Because the Linux environment is isolated from the rest of the system, you don't have to worry about messing up your main system like you can with a Linux / Windows dual boot system.

You don't have to activate developer mode like with Crouton. This makes getting started with Linux on a Chromebook very easy.

With Linux so widely used in technical computing, if you ever want to get into the IT profession, you have an edge in getting used to it on a Chromebook.

There are many things you can do on a Chromebook

You can program in any language, connect to remote computers, and learn more about Linux on a Chromebook – and that just scratches the surface. If you're still on the fence about learning Linux, there are several reasons you might want to do it on a Chromebook.

Why you should learn Linux on a Chromebook

Confused About Learning Linux on a Chromebook? These reasons could help you make the jump.

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