What Are Home windows Function Expertise Packs and How Can You Get One?

Windows managers aren't sure what Windows Feature Experience Packs are for. However, the release of the first update has provided some answers. They are not far enough to solve the puzzle, but they create a foundation for theories to stand on.

Windows laptop upgrade system

If you don't like waiting for official answers, you can investigate the matter yourself. Here's everything we know and suspect about the Microsoft packages, including how to verify that you are eligible to receive them and how the company's overall plans are likely to affect the user experience.

What's in the first Windows Feature Experience Pack?

As Brandon LeBlanc explains on the Windows blog, the Experience Packs, Microsoft's plan for improved upgrades, are still in the testing phase. For this reason, the first package is only available in beta for Windows Insiders and contains two simple functions:

  • A built-in screenshot tool that allows you to cut out your selection and paste it into a folder.

  • A split keyboard surface for 2-in-1 touch devices that spans the two screens when one device is in portrait orientation.

What is the point of Windows Feature Experience Packs?

Another note in LeBlanc's statement shows that the packs are a product from Microsoft that is looking for new and better ways to provide updates. Eligible users will initially receive the packages outside of the Windows 10 monthly updates, but the company is ultimately keen to include them as part of the normal process.

The how can be a mystery even to developers that would explain all of the secrecy. You can be sure that updates for your Windows devices will be done faster and with less disruption if all goes well.

How to obtain Feature Experience Packs as a Windows user

As Microsoft begins testing its experience packages and you learn about them, there is one requirement to consider. You need Windows 10 and 20H2 19042.662 for the packages to work. However, the requirements change depending on the current version of Windows.

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It is easy to check where you stand on this matter. For example, go to on your PC the settings and then Update & security. By doing Windows Update Click the tab Check for updates. If your operating system supports it, after restarting the device, the package will download and work magically.

Windows Update tab

To make sure your computer is compatible, just go to Settings> System> Info. Here below Windows specificationsyou should be able to see Experience and the name of the upgrade next to it.

Windows information

Finally, the official upgrade packages should be available through other methods.

Few can see the new Windows features for now and for the foreseeable future.

So far, the deafening silence at the end of Microsoft has driven users crazy with speculation. While the release of the first package sheds some light on the problem, all of the other pointers we have are still a little awkward. Even so, it is worth exploring to put the pieces together.

The packs are features on demand

An important note is that Windows Feature Experience Packs are listed under Features on Demand for Windows 10 and Windows Server. This means that they are – or will be – an integral part of the operating system. From what we know so far, they are responsible for updating it one way or another.

The Microsoft Store offers packages for Windows 10X

Microsoft Store Windows 10X Feature Experience Pack

Another interesting fact is that the Microsoft Store shows Windows Feature Experience Packs for all operating systems, including Windows 10X. Despite the lack of helpful detail, the nature of 10X could give great answers on how Microsoft's Experience Packs will work.

If you want to understand what Windows 10X is, think of the base operating system as the basic underlayer of your device and all of the applications as separate containers on top of it. Then developers can make changes to the apps, for example, without endangering the entire system. Basically, Windows is less likely to malfunction due to an update.

One point to consider immediately is the connection between containers and packaging. These little bundles of updates could very well fit into the structure of 10X.

In addition, Microsoft promises more efficient updates with Windows 10X and that the system is compatible with all Windows devices, not just devices with two screens.

The bottom line is that Microsoft could work on establishing Windows 10X as the standard operating system. In this case, the company may also develop the Windows Feature Experience Packs to help keep the operating system stable.

The packs are in line with the Windows Core OS plans

Microsoft wants to make life easier for users and developers. Because of this, most of his strategy in recent years has focused on making Windows Core OS a reality.

The main purpose of the coming system is that it will work on all devices and allow programmers to build components on it more easily, faster and cheaper, especially when developing software for different devices.

The relationship with Windows Feature Experience Packs is insignificant, but it confirms and expands Microsoft's goal for a super smooth operating system based on separate, customizable elements as opposed to a solid system.

There is a similar connection here as in Windows 10X. The experience packs could be part of Microsoft's broader program designed to make the cross-platform functionality much more effective. Ideally, the packages will be updated very precisely without affecting your work.

Time and again you will unravel the secret of the Windows Feature Experience Packs

From today's perspective, we know that there are packs of experience out there to make a better update system for Windows users and developers. In addition, it could be a project that has links to Microsoft's larger plans for new and improved operating systems.

It shouldn't be long before the next Windows Feature Experience Pack comes out with more answers. Until then, you can look for more clues. However, make sure your sources are reliable and don't be shocked if Microsoft surprises us all.

Microsoft logo function

Microsoft begins testing Windows Feature Experience Packs

Microsoft is testing a new way to provide new Windows 10 features to users through Windows Update.

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