Watch Out! The Base Mannequin 14-Inch MacBook Professional Is not as Quick as You Suppose It Is

Are you planning on getting Apple's new and redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro? In this case, there are a few things you need to consider before buying, especially if you have the basic variant in mind.

The M1 Pro-equipped 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $ 1999, but this base model isn't as fast as you might think and doesn't meet the performance metrics that Apple is promoting. Here we look at several reasons why many of you might want to avoid the base-model 14-inch MacBook Pro.

1. Binned 8-core M1 chip

Image source: Apple

The $ 1999 $ 1999 14-inch MacBook Pro doesn't come with a fully unlocked M1 Pro chip. You are getting an 8-core CPU that is not as powerful as the 10-core M1 Pro in other models and so you have to keep in mind that you are not getting the performance numbers Apple claimed during the launch event.

While the 10-core M1 per chip delivers up to 70% more power than the standard M1, the “binned” chip with two cores loses around 20% of the power in the CPU department. While most users won't notice this small difference in performance, the high-end model will do better for you with a lot of CPU-intensive tasks.

To get the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the 10-core M1 Pro chip, you'll need to customize it on the Apple Online Store for an additional $ 200. On the other hand, that 10-core chip isn't fully unlocked either, as it's still limited in the GPU department, which we'll get into next.


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2. Fewer GPU cores

Image source: Apple

Not only is the number of CPU cores reduced, but also the number of GPU cores. The 8-core M1 Pro chip contains 14 GPU cores, two fewer than a fully unlocked M1 Pro. This will not give you twice the graphics performance of the M1 chip as Apple claims. Instead, you lose around 20% GPU performance with the base model.

To get 16 GPU cores, you'll need to spend an additional $ 300 on the fully unlocked M1 Pro chip in the Apple Store. Again, only a handful of people would benefit from these extra cores, but it would still be wise to buy the high-end models if you rely on GPU-intensive tasks and software a lot.

3. You will receive a 67 W power adapter

Image source: Apple

In addition to the CPU and GPU performance, the loading speed of the basic version of the MacBook Pro is also reduced. This is because Apple brings an inferior 67W power adapter that doesn't support fast charging with the 14-inch base MacBook Pro.

At the launch event for the new MacBook Pro models, Apple claimed a charge speed of 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes, but unfortunately this is limited to the higher-capacity power supplies.

On the other hand, if you really want to quickly charge your new M1 Pro MacBook, you can get the 96W fast-charging power adapter for just $ 20 extra. If you get a higher-end configuration, Apple includes the 96W charger at no additional cost. We're not entirely sure why Apple would try to save $ 20 on a $ 2000 MacBook Pro.

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The base 14-inch MacBook Pro may not be for everyone

Most people would be perfectly happy with the performance they get from the 14-inch MacBook Pro, as the gains in the CPU and GPU departments have been huge over the standard M1. However, not everyone buys the MacBook Pro for casual use, especially since Apple is targeting professionals with these new models.

So, if you are someone who needs it to get their job done and values ​​their time, you will surely benefit from the extra performance that the fully unlocked M1 Pro chip offers. If you're willing to give up two grand fore on a MacBook Pro, it doesn't make sense to add a few hundred dollars to the budget for better performance.

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