Want a Digital Enterprise Card? Create Your Personal vCard for Free on Your Mac

Physical business cards are a relic. Instead, you can create and share a virtual business card through the Contacts app on your Mac.

Even though business cards may have become obsolete in the current technological age, people still share their contact information digitally. Especially in the professional environment, people still share and exchange their contact details in the form of vCards, also known as virtual, electronic or digital business cards.

While there are many free and paid apps available that you can use to create your own vCard, you can create your own using the Mail app on your Mac.

What is a vCard?

A vCard is the virtual equivalent of conventional business cards. It can contain personal or business information like name, picture, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, website and more.

vCards are sent as VTF files, a file format that almost all devices support. They can be quickly sent and received via email, bluetooth, iMessage, and other modes, making them an excellent option for sharing your personal or business information.

Here's how to create a vCard on your Mac

The Contacts app will automatically set up a vCard for you when you set up your Mac. However, you can always change your card and add information as needed. To display it:

  1. Open minded contacts.

  2. Select in the menu bar map > Go to My Card.

  3. Alternatively, you can search for your name in the contact list. this is done with a. displayed Me Icon next to your name.

This vCard is added to emails as an attachment. However, if you use email regularly, you can opt for email signatures instead of vCard. Creating an email signature in Mail on your Mac is easy.

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How to change your Mac's vCard

You have the option to add information to your vCard, make changes, or choose a card other than your card. If you want to make changes to your vCard from your Mac:

  1. Go to contacts, then choose your card.

  2. click To edit below.

  3. Click the content you want to edit, then enter in the field where you want to add or change information.

  4. Press the Add (+) Button to add more fields to your card. Move the mouse pointer to More fields to view other fields you want to add to your card.

  5. If you want to change your picture, just click on the picture and select the picture you want to replace it with.

  6. click complete when you have finished saving your changes.

To select a card other than the default card, select a card, then click map > Make this my card from the menu bar.

Export your vCard from your Mac

vCards are mainly exported through Mail on the Mac. Simply drag the vCard into your email message to send it to a recipient. However, you can also export vCards in other ways by clicking share Button in the Contacts app.

You can also limit the information you provide with your contact card by clicking. walk contacts > settings, click on vCard Tab, then tick one or more of these options:

  • Activate private me card: Use this option when you want to select certain information on your vCard that you want to export.
  • Export notes to vCards: Toggle this option if you want to send the notes along the vCard.
  • Export photos to vCards: Select this option if you want to include your contact's photo when sending their vCard.

If you've made your card private, choose the information you want to include when you share your vCard by going to your card and clicking To edit, and then select the check boxes on the right.

Personalize your vCard in no time

vCards are practical files that allow contact data to be exchanged quickly. However, unlike traditional business cards, vCards on Mac are customizable so you can choose which details to include when sharing or exporting.

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