Tips on how to Shut Unresponsive Chromebook Apps

Do you have a frozen app that blocks your Chromebook? If you are working on Windows, you probably press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and close it with the task manager. But how do you close apps on your Chromebook?


Fortunately, it’s not difficult to forcefully close apps on your Chromebook. We'll show you some ways to close apps on Chrome OS that every user should know.

Force Chromebook apps to quit using Task Manager

If a browser tab or app hangs on your Chromebook for a few seconds, it may be frozen. To cancel this process, you need to open Chrome's built-in Task Manager.

Follow these steps to open Task Manager on your Chromebook:

  1. Open the Chrome browser (if you haven't already) and select the three-dot Menu in the upper right corner. Select from the resulting list More tools> Task Manager.
    • Alternatively, you can press the button Search + Escape Shortcut to open from anywhere.
  2. Chrome’s Task Manager opens. This shows every process that is running on your Chromebook.
  3. Browse the list of processes to find the tab or app that has stopped working.
    • If you can't find it, click the headings above to sort by alphabetical order, memory usage, or other factors. Frozen tabs often use more memory or CPU than normal, which can help you find them.
  4. When you find the problematic app, click to select it, then click End process Force exit button.

Chrome Task Manager window

If you do this, any hanging Chrome tabs or apps will be deleted immediately. You lose all unsaved work. So if you are in the middle of something, you should wait a few minutes to see if the page responds normally before doing so.

This is how you normally close an app on a Chromebook

Of course, you don't always have to close apps on your Chromebook. Usually, you can close them without finishing so that they shut down cleanly.

The standard way to exit a Chromebook app is simple: just click X. Icon in the upper right corner of the app window. If you don't want this, you can also right-click and select the app icon on the shelf at the bottom of the screen Shut down.

Try keyboard shortcuts to close apps on your Chromebook even faster. Ctrl + W. closes the current browser tab. Use to close the entire focused window Shift + Ctrl + W.. For more information, see our Chromebook keyboard shortcuts guide

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Here's how to end all apps on your Chromebook

Android apps Chromebook

Since Chrome OS is fairly stable, you shouldn't have a lot of problems with unresponsive apps. However, there can occasionally be a problem where the entire system crashes and you get no response.

In these cases, you should restart your Chromebook. Simply press and hold the button power Key on the top right of your keyboard for a few seconds. After switching off, you can press and hold the same button again to switch it on again.

Close Chromebook apps if needed

Hopefully you’ll only have occasional issues with the Chromebook app. If the problems occur frequently, a poorly coded app or extension may be installed. Try removing apps from your system and see if the problem is resolved.

Otherwise, it may be time for a new machine. Read our guide to the best Chromebooks

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if you are looking for a replacement in the market.

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