You just got yourself new Beats headphones and set them up. They sound great and look stylish, but you've cleared the final hurdle. You can't connect them to your Mac.

But no fear. Here we are going to go through the process of connecting your Beats to your Mac device.

How to pair Beats with Mac devices

Unfortunately, there is no quick connect method for Mac devices, only for your iPhone. That means you'll have to pair your beats to your Mac manually through Settings, but don't worry – it's easy.

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It doesn't matter if you're using a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro, the steps are the same for all Mac devices.

Go in System settings either of the Apple menu or the dock. Once you open the app, click on that Bluetooth Button. It's the third icon below, and so is the third icon.

System Preferences screenshot on Mac.

Your first step is to check that Bluetooth is actually turned on. If it's off, click the big one Turn on bluetooth Button on the right side of the window.

Screenshot of the Bluetooth settings on the Mac.

If you're using Beats earbuds with a case, make sure the earbuds are in the case. Hold the case or your Beats over-ear headphones Power button for about five seconds.

The Beats device will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices on the right side of the screen. Click your Beats device. The name of your beats will be moved to the linked part of the list.

Screenshot of the Bluetooth device list on Mac.

That's it! Your beats are now paired with your Mac so you can connect to them and listen to music. If you're not sure how to connect your beats, read on.

How to connect Beats to Mac devices

After you've paired your Beats to your Mac once, there is no need to do that again. Instead, you can just plug in the headphones and start listening – this part is a lot easier.

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Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on on your Mac. Turn on your over-ear headphones or put your earbuds in your ears. And that's it! Your Mac should automatically connect to your beats. As soon as the headphones are connected, you will hear a tone.

If your Mac doesn't automatically connect to your Beats, you can connect them manually. To do this, press the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar at the top of your device. Click the name of your Beats headphones. The device should spin blue on the list. Your beats are now connected.

Screenshot of Bluetooth devices in the menu bar on Mac.

If for some reason your AirPods are in the equipment but don't work, you can delete them and then pair them with your Mac again. To do this, select it from the list and click on x to the right of the AirPods.

Listen to your beats

Now that you have your beats paired and connected to your Mac and you can hear them all! Your beats play audio from music, podcasts, or videos on your device.

And as an added tip, your beats are automatically disconnected from your Mac when you turn them off or remove them from your ears.

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