Tips on how to Add or Take away Startup Applications in Home windows 11

After using your computer for a while, you will find that the startup process gradually slows down. Even though you're using a solid-state drive, you'll find that what used to take a second or two now takes five to six seconds.

While this isn't a lot of time compared to the computers with hard drives we had in the past, the extra four seconds mean you now have to wait three times as long as if you hadn't installed any apps. So what is causing this slowdown? And what can you do to mitigate it?

Startup programs that slow down your PC

As you add apps and features to your PC, you'll find that some of them open automatically as soon as you sign in. This includes cloud services, keyboard and mouse drivers, messaging apps, and more.

It's useful to have your most-used apps instantly available as soon as you turn on your computer. However, apps that you don't actually use and that open on startup shorten your PC's wake-up time and consume computer resources unnecessarily. Some of these include game services, unnecessary drivers, and even preinstalled apps.

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So how can you avoid this? By controlling which apps stay open and which apps stay closed when you start your computer.

How to remove startup programs in Windows 11

To prevent apps from opening when you sign in, you'll need to go to your computer's settings. First click that Start menu Then click the button Gear icon next to the power button. Alternatively, you can click All apps in the top right corner of your start menu go to S. Looking for settings.

Once the settings window is open, go to Apps in the menu on the left. In the main Apps window, go to Start up. You will now see a list of apps that will start when you log in. Select the apps that you don't use, then click the Slider in the right column to turn it off.

When you're done, the apps you don't want to start won't open after you sign in. This will make your computer start faster and remove unnecessary apps on startup.

But what if you only open your PC for one purpose? And having an app open to begin with will save you time, but it's not listed in the startup options. What could you do

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Here's how to add startup programs to your Windows 11 PC

You can add programs that you want to open automatically in the Startup folder of your Start menu. It's not easily accessible, so you'll need the Windows Key + R Open command Run. You then have to enter Shell: start in the text field and press OK.

A new file explorer window called Start up then appears. You will then need to navigate to the program's executable file that you want to start automatically. Right click Select in the program Show more options, then choose create link from the legacy context menu.

After you've created the shortcut, move it to the Startup folder. Your computer will then automatically open the apps you added to that folder every time you log in – saving you time and effort.

Be more efficient in Windows 11

By controlling which apps open automatically and which apps stay closed when you sign up for the day, you can make yourself or your computer more efficient. Since unnecessary apps don't open at startup and don't run in the background, you can conserve your computer's resources and run it faster.

Alternatively, by automatically launching the apps you need for the day, you won't be able to find each app individually in your Start menu to open it. All you need is to save their shortcuts to your Startup folder and the computer will open them for you at the start of the day.

By controlling the automation of your computer, you can now become more effective and do more every day.

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