The way to Ship and Obtain Digital Enterprise Playing cards (vCards) in Mail on a Mac

Do you need to exchange contact information with a business partner or customer? Sending vCards with Mail on your Mac is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Business cards have been one of the most important ways to network with potential business partners and customers for decades. Are they obsolete in today's technological age? Nope. They kept their relevance in the digital world, only that business cards are now virtual.

Mac's Mail app has all of the functionality you need to create, send, and receive these digital business cards known as vCards.

What is a vCard?

vCard, short for virtual business card, is the electronic equivalent of the business card. It is often a file that is attached to an email instead of an email signature. It is also known as a virtual contact file or VCF.

Since the file type is supported by almost all email providers and mobile devices, vCards make it easy to add you to their contact lists quickly. You can also use vCards to quickly import multiple contacts from a single file.

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How to email vCards

Before you start sending vCards, make sure your vCard is in the contacts App. If you want to send other people's vCards, make sure their details are saved in the People app.

To send vCards with mail:

  1. Open that contacts App on your Mac.

  2. Open minded e-mail on your Mac and start a new message.

  3. Drag your card or someone else's card from Contacts into your message in Mail. The vCard is displayed as an attachment in VCF format.

You can also send multiple vCards at the same time. Just select all of the contacts you want to send, then drag them into your message in Mail.

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How to Receive vCards by Email

If someone sent you a vCard in Mail, here's how you can save it in your Contacts app:

  1. Open the email with the vCard in Mail.

  2. Double-click the vCard. You will be taken to the Contacts app with a prompt asking if you want to import the contact.

  3. click Import.

An easy way to send business cards

Sending contact information virtually is invaluable in this digital age. Mail makes sending and receiving vCards easy and allows you to instantly import someone's details into your contact list with just a tap.

The 4 best apps for sending eCards

With these Android and iOS apps, you can choose and send the perfect virtual greeting card for every occasion.

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