The way to Save and Obtain Textual content, Pictures, and Total Webpages in Safari on a Mac

Sometimes you need to download text, images, or other content from a web page to use elsewhere. Fortunately, Safari makes this easy.

If you use the Internet to research interesting topics, you may have to save texts, images or even entire web pages for your online research. With Safari, you have several options for saving relevant online content. Read how to do it below.

How to save text from Safari

Save yourself a few clicks from the usual copy-and-paste trick. Just highlight the text you want to copy and drag it directly into a text box. You should see the text shrink and a green plus (+) symbol appears when you move the mouse pointer over the text field.

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Alternatively, you can also save a text excerpt in an existing note. To do this, select the text in Safari and then click while holding down the Ctrl key or tap it with two fingers. Choose share > Remarks. Select an existing note or add a new one by clicking. Select New note.

How to save pictures from Safari

Safari gives you different options when saving images depending on where you want to save them. To save an image, hover over the image, then Ctrl-click or tap the image with two fingers.

Choose one of the options from the pop-up menu:

  • Save picture under "Downloads": Select this option to save the picture in your Mac's Downloads folder. This option saves the image immediately without allowing you to change the file name. If you have tons of pictures with confusing filenames in your Downloads folder, it can be difficult to find the name of an image file later if you can't change the name of an image file.
  • Save image as: Choosing this option will allow you to choose the destination where your image will be saved and rename the file before saving it. That way, you can keep it in a specific folder so that you can organize files as you save it.
  • Add image to photos: If you choose this option, the picture will be saved to your Mac photos App, under Imports. This can be useful if your photos are syncing through iCloud and you want to access them on your other devices.

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Note that some images, such as background images, cannot be saved. Similar to text, some images can be dragged directly into a text field or even onto your desktop. You can also add the picture to the Notes app. Just Ctrl + click or tap the image with two fingers, then select share > Remarks.

How to save a website link

Saving webpage links gives you quick access to important web pages for later use, which is especially useful if it is a website that you have to visit regularly. Except for copying the link from Safaris Smart search box, you can select the link directly and drag it to a text field or your desktop.

You can also create a link bucket in your Notes app to store all of your website links. In order to do this:

  1. Press the share Button, the icon with a box with an upward-pointing arrow, then select Remarks.

  2. Select the drop-down menu next to Select hint to select the specific note you want to save your link in. You can also add some text to the saved link.

Pro tip: You can also include a website link as a to-do in. Add memories. Saving to reminders allows you to customize the heading and add a note to the link.

Alternatively, you can bookmark a link or add it to yours Reading list. To do this, open a website, click on the Share button, then click Add bookmarks. Select the destination folder from the options in the drop-down menu, if available bookmark Folder. Otherwise just choose the bookmark Folder. You can also rename your website and add a description. Follow the same process if you want to add the bookmark to yours Reading list.

How to save entire web pages

You can save an entire webpage in Safari for offline reading. In order to do this:

  1. Go to the menu bar, then click file > Save as.

  2. Rename the webpage and choose the file destination.

  3. Under format, Select Web archive when you want to store text, images and other content on the page. Choose Page source text if you just want to save the page's HTML source code. This is useful when you want to display elements of a page that you want to incorporate into your own site.

Note that some web pages may not allow you to save items that appear on the page.

You can also choose to save the webpage in PDF format for later reading. You have the option to save it exactly as it is, in a Reader view without the ads and buttons or customize it to your liking.

Saving online content is very easy

Using the internet to search for relevant content not only saves you time, it also saves you better content organization. With Safari, you can choose from several options to trim content to suit your needs.

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