There are many productivity tools built into Windows 11, and the Focus Assist feature is just one of them. How to use it.

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Microsoft redesigned Windows 11 to improve both productivity and usability. For example, the focus assist feature (formerly known as "quiet hours") is a handy feature that lets you focus on what matters most and leaves you free from unwanted distracting notifications. You can easily configure the focus assistant to turn on automatically at a specific time, choose which apps you can notify, and much more.

So let's see how to enable and configure focus support on Windows 11.

How to enable the Focus Assist on Windows 11

There are several ways you can turn Focus Assist on or off on Windows 11 PCs and tablets. You can either go through the new and shiny Settings app or the Action Center.

1. Activate the Focus Assist using the Windows 11 Settings app

How to activate or deactivate the focus aid in Windows 11 via the settings:

Focus Assistant in Windows 11

  1. First, look for settings by doing begin Menu and click the best match to get the settings App.

  2. Click on system from the sidebar and then click Focus assistant.

  3. By doing Focus assistant Tab, select one of the available modes (Off, priority only, alarms only)

  4. Check the box to see a summary of the missed notifications.

the Priority only Mode allows selected apps to notify you during the Alarm clock only -Mode blocks all notifications except alarms. To select a list of allowed apps and people, click Adjust priority list.

2. Activate the focus assistant with the Action Center

You can also activate or deactivate the focus assistant in no time using the Action Center:

Windows 11 action center

  1. Start the Action Center flyout by clicking the system tray icons.

  2. Cycle through the various focus assist modes by repeatedly tapping the Focus assistant Symbol.

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If you don't see that Focus assistant Icon in the Action Center, you can add it by clicking the pencil icon.

How to automatically block notifications on Windows 11

You can set up rules to automatically block notifications using Focus Aid in Windows 11. Here's how you can set up automatic rules on Windows 11 to block notifications:

Automatically block notifications for a period of time

To set up Focus Assist to automatically turn on and block notifications during the day:

Focus Assist Rules

  1. Search for settings by doing begin Menu and click the best match to get the settings App.

  2. Click on system and then Focus assistant.

  3. Under the Automatic rules Tab, toggle In these times to automatically turn on the focus assist at a specified time.

  4. click on the In these times Tab and choose a specific one Start time and End time.

  5. If you want the focus assist to activate repeatedly during these hours, select an appropriate option (Daily, on the weekend or on weekdays) of the Repetitions Drop down menu.

  6. to adjust Focus plane by selecting an appropriate option from the drop-down menu (Alarm clock only or Priority only).

Other focus help rules

To automatically turn on Focus Assist when starting a game, connect a second monitor or use a full-screen app:

  1. Search for settings by doing begin Menu and click the best match to get the settings App.

  2. Choose system from the sidebar and then click Focus adjustments.

  3. Toggle the required rule and click it to adjust the settings.

  4. Finally, select the one you want Focus plane from the drop-down menu (Alarm clock only or Priority only).

If you want Windows 11 to notify you as soon as the focus assistant is activated automatically, you can check the box next to Show notification in the Action Center when the focus assistant is activated automatically Check box.

Windows 11 increases productivity

Windows 11 prioritizes your productivity thanks to an improved focus assistant. Easily block notifications during work hours so you don't get distracted, and automatic rules improve your experience 10x.

Microsoft has finally brought its users a powerful operating system that offers unprecedented ease of use and creative freedom, and we are very excited to see what's next.

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