The way to Disguise Recordsdata and Folders on Chromebook

Want to know how to hide your private files and folders on a Chromebook? Here is a simple guide that will help you.

With the growing reliance on smartphones and PCs, it is natural that you should be concerned about your privacy. These personal devices contain private information that you'd prefer to protect from prying eyes.

Fortunately, Chromebooks have a pretty easy way to hide your personal files in case you need to hand over your laptop to a guest user.

Hide files and folders on your Chromebook

Before going into the method of hiding your files, keep in mind that you can create new user accounts for your guests. This feature ensures that the guest user gets a completely new user area on your Chromebook and guarantees your privacy.

If you don't feel like creating new user accounts, you can manually hide your files and folders using the following method:

  1. Open that Files app and navigate to the file or folder that you want to hide.

  2. Click on More (Three points) in the upper right corner of your screen.

  3. Click in the drop-down menu Show hidden files. You should see a check mark next to it after clicking it.

  4. Now right click on the file you want to hide and click Rename.

  5. At the beginning of the filename, type a. a Point (.) and press Enter to confirm the change.

  6. Now go back to More > Show hidden files and remove the check mark by clicking on it.

Congratulations! Your files or folders are now hidden.

note: Make sure you have completed the third step before renaming the file. Otherwise you will get an error message and the process will not work.

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Show the hidden files and folders

To view the hidden data, just click on Show hidden files again to activate it. You will now see your files and folders again with dots at the beginning of their names. To unhide the file, simply rename it and remove the Point (.) Characters from the beginning.

Protect your privacy on a Chromebook

The above method is pretty DIY in nature, but it's effective nonetheless. In this way, you can enable your guest to use your Chromebook without having to worry about your private information being revealed.

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