The way to Allow Google Chrome’s Experimental Home windows 11 Mode

Use these Windows 11-like menus in your favorite browser.

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With the latest version, Google has added some new experimental features to its popular browser for Windows. Chrome 96 now offers a Windows 11 mode that allows you to use Windows 11-style menus whenever possible.

If you'd like to customize the look of your browser to match your desktop, here's how to enable Google Chrome's experimental Windows 11 mode.

Enable Google Chrome's Windows 11 experimental mode

The Windows 11 Style Menus feature is available in Chrome 96 and higher versions. To check your version of Chrome, click Menu (three points) in the upper right corner and go to Help> About Google Chrome.

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Chrome will automatically search for and install when new updates are available. After installing the update, follow these steps to enable Windows 11 Experimental Mode in Chrome.

  1. Start Chrome, enter chrome: // flags in the address bar and press Enter. It opens the Experiments Page.

  2. Enter in the search box Windows 11.

  3. In the search results, click the drop-down menu for Windows 11 style menus and set it up Allows.

  4. Press the Restart Button to restart the browser.

You can also try the new function on Windows 10. Open that Experiments Page and choose Enabled – All versions of Windows to the Windows 11 style menus.


Right now, the design hints in Chrome are subtle and you might not notice much of a difference other than the rounded corners for the context menu, pop-up screens, etc.

However, for Edge, which is also based on the Chromium platform, Microsoft has updated it to use the fluent design elements including the transparency effects. The new visual updates are set by default with visible changes to the context menu, pop-up screen, and settings menu.

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However, this feature is still a work in progress for the browser, and we'll likely see new changes by default in the upcoming updates.

More features in Chrome 96

Aside from the experimental design changes, the Chrome 96 update also includes backward-forward cache support for improved navigation between websites, improved PWAs, a site-wide dark theme mode, and the ability to set custom zoom levels for different websites.

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