The way to Add Customized Memoji to Your Displays and Paperwork on a Mac

Personalize your Keynote presentations, Word documents, and Google Sheets with custom memoji.

Have you always wanted to give your keynote presentation a little more personality while remaining professional? Or maybe your Pages document could use a little extra visual aid. Consider adding a few memoji for some fun.

The process of adding Memoji to your Keynote presentation is simple, and you can get your personal Memoji as a high quality PNG image for whatever other projects you work on.

How to get Memoji on your Mac

Before adding Memoji to your presentations and documents, you must first download them to your computer.

Open the announcements Application on your Mac. Then start a new conversation with yourself by clicking on that New message Icon and enter your own name or number in the address bar.

Once your conversation is created, click on that Appstore on the left side of your chat bar. By default, you'll see options for sending photos, memoji stickers, #pictures, and message effects. You want to choose Memoji stickers.

Select the Memoji (or Animoji) and pose that you want to add to your presentation.

You can also create a new Memoji by doing the three points far left and select the New Memoji Possibility. From there, a window will open where you can create one from scratch.

Other options, such as To edit, you can make changes to a selected Memoji. And duplicate lets you copy a memoji.

Once you have the memoji and pose you want, just send it to yourself as an iMessage.

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How to add Memoji to a Keynote presentation

Now that you have the Memoji you want on your computer, you can easily drag and drop it into a Keynote presentation.

In the Messages app, click and hold your Memoji and just drag it into your open Keynote presentation. Wait until you see a green plus icon, then insert it.

The Memoji will now be inserted into your Keynote as a high-quality object with a transparent background. Edit it as you like and continue the process with more Memoji.

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How to add Memoji to a Pages document

You can use the same process to add Memoji to a Pages document. Send the stickers you want to yourself in Messages and drag and drop them into the Pages document you are currently working on.

By default, the object is set to automatic text wrapping and your text will wrap around the shape of the memoji. You can edit the settings to meet your desired specifications by clicking on the Memoji and selecting its settings under the Organize Tab.

How to add Memoji to Microsoft applications

The process works in Microsoft apps too, so you can simply drag and drop a Memoji into your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, OneNote notebook, and more.

One important difference is that Microsoft applications treat the shape of the image as a square rather than the actual shape of the Memoji. This means that when you enclose your text, there will be sharp corners rather than a smooth break. However, there are a few Microsoft Word tricks to edit the format the way you want.

How to add Memoji to Google Drive projects

If you're working on a Google Slides presentation or anything else in Google Drive, you'll be happy that you can use the same process for any Google platform.

Similar to Microsoft, the shape of the image is recognized as a square rather than a Memoji.

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How to save Memoji as image files

With drag-and-drop features, adding Memoji to different documents is incredibly easy. But not every platform allows this. Some only allow you to upload image files, so you will need to save your Memoji as a transparent image first.

In Messages, Ctrl-click a Memoji and click to open.

This will preview it as a transparent image. Then click File> Save and save it to your desired location in the Finder. Make sure you choose PNG as a format.

Your individual Memoji is now available to you as an image file on your computer that you can use again and again.

Have fun with it

Now that you know how to add Memoji stickers to multiple apps, have fun with them. You can create multiple Memoji to represent different people, add some animojis, or give yourself different accessories on different slides or pages.

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