The right way to Crop a Image on Mac

We are going to show you how to easily crop an image on Mac so you can do this simple editing task.

You can use a variety of photo editing apps to crop pictures on your Mac. To get started, all you have to do is drag and drop your image into the app you want to use and then follow the instructions below to crop it.

We'll show you how to crop an image or screenshot using Preview, Photos, and Photoshop on Mac. However, you can use these instructions for almost any app.

How to crop images with the preview

After opening an image file, click and drag in the preview to highlight the section that you want to keep while cropping. Drag the corners of the selection to resize it, or click and drag in the center to move it. Stop shift pick a perfect square.

Cropping an image in the preview

When you're happy with your choices, go to Tools> Crop or press Cmd + K. to delete everything outside of the selection and crop your image.

Make sure to save this file when you are done. You can also use the preview to edit images by resizing, annotating, or changing colors.

How to crop screenshots on Mac

When you take a screenshot on macOS, you'll briefly preview your recording in the lower right corner of the screen. Click this preview to see editing tools that you can use to annotate or crop the image before saving.

Click to crop your Mac screenshot harvest Icon in the toolbar that looks like two overlapping corners. Then drag each corner of the image to resize your cropped selection. Click and drag in the center of the selection to move it.

Function to crop the screenshot preview on Mac

When done, click harvest in the toolbar to crop the screenshot. Then click Done to finish editing and save the cropped screenshot to your Mac.

How to crop pictures in the Photos app

When you crop a photo using the Photos app on your Mac, it will keep live photo playback. Open that photos App and double-click a photo to get started.

Press the To edit Click the button in the upper right corner and select harvest from the three tabs above the photo.

Crop a photo in Photos on Mac

Use the sidebar on the right to choose an aspect ratio, then click and drag the corners of your photo to crop it. Drag from the center of your selection to move the image, or rotate the right wheel.

click Done to save your cropped picture. You can always undo any changes you've made by going to Edit> Return to the original.

How to crop images using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing apps for Mac. Although it is a professional app, you don't need a MacBook Pro to run this photo editing software. All you need is an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Click to crop an image in Photoshop on Mac harvest Tool from the left sidebar. Then select the aspect ratio you want to use at the top of the screen.

Click and drag the corners of your image to crop it, or click and drag in the center to move the selection. You can also click and drag outside the selection to rotate your image or click Straighten at the top of the window to automatically straighten it.

Cropping a photo in Photoshop

When you're happy with your harvest, hit it return to confirm it.

Most photo editing apps are the same

Of course, you don't have to use previews, photos, or Photoshop to crop an image on your Mac. There are many alternative photo editing apps out there, all of which use similar techniques.

Whichever photo editing app you choose, you can use these instructions to crop pictures with it.

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