The right way to Collaborate in Default Mac Apps: Notes, Calendar, and Extra

If you need to work with colleagues, you may not all be in the same place. Perhaps you are part of a permanent remote team or work temporarily in different locations. While you can easily use a team communication app, this is not always the most effective way to collaborate.


Regardless of whether it's a project, a plan, or a paper, your Mac has built-in apps that offer great sharing options for collaboration.

Work together by sharing notes on Mac

The Notes app is an excellent tool for jotting down and creating lists. And since it's available on all Apple devices, you can sync and access it at any time. If you and your staff put your heads together for a project and need to organize your thoughts, you can share both folders and notes on Mac.

To share a folder in Notes, make sure the folder's sidebar is open. You can click on Show folder Toolbar button or view > Show folder from the menu bar if this has not already been done.

Select the folder and share it using one of the following methods:

  • Right click and choose Add people.
  • click More (three dots) next to the name and choose Add people.
  • Choose file Select from the menu bar Add people toand select Folder (folder name).
  • Press the Add people Button in the toolbar and select Folder (folder name).

To share only one note in a folder, select the note and use one of the following methods to share it:

  • Choose file Select from the menu bar Add people toand select Note (note name).
  • Press the Add people Button from the toolbar and select Note (note name).

A small pop-up window appears with the available sharing methods and the permissions you want to allow. For those Permissionsyou can allow those you invite to make changes or simply view the items.

Choose your sharing method, add email addresses or phone numbers, if necessary, and click share. Then follow the instructions to share an invitation with your folder or note. As soon as your recipient accepts the invitation and makes changes, these changes are displayed in real time.

Click to show everyone you share with Add people Toolbar button or file > Show participants from the menu bar. Here you can also change your permissions, stop sharing with one or all people, or add more people.

View Mac Notes people

By sharing notes and folders, you and your team can easily work on items together. Read our tips for organizing your notes

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when they get a little messy

Work together by sharing memories on Mac

The reminder app on Mac is great for creating to-do lists, setting priorities and due dates, and receiving reminders. And like Notes, you can sync reminders with iPhone and iPad.

To share a list of reminders, make sure the sidebar is open. click view > Show sidebar from the menu bar to display it.

Then select the list you want to share and click share Click the button next to the name, or right-click the list and choose Add people.

Mac reminders shortcut to add people

Then choose the sharing method you want to use. Unlike Notes, anyone you share the list with can make changes. Therefore there are no authorization settings. Select your method, add all the details required for that method, and click shareand follow the instructions.

Add Mac reminders to people

Click to display those for whom you are sharing a list, ending sharing, or adding more people share Button next to the list name.

View Mac reminders to people

If you and your team are responsible for list items or tasks at work or in a project, you can mark what you do in reminders.

Collaborate by sharing a calendar on a Mac

With the calendar app on macOS, you can use different calendars depending on the accounts you set up. So you can use it for iCloud, Gmail, Exchange and other account types. By sharing a calendar, you and your team can stay up to date on work-related events, meetings, conferences, and the like.

To share a calendar, make sure the Calendar sidebar is open. You can click on calendar Toolbar button or view > Show calendar list from the menu bar to access it.

Select the calendar and share it using one of the following methods:

  • Right click and choose Share calendar.
  • Choose To edit from the menu bar and select Share calendar.
  • Press the share Button to the right of the calendar name.

Click in the Share with Area of ​​the small window and enter the ones you want to share the calendar with. In most cases, your contacts will show you suggestions to choose from.

After adding those you want to share the calendar with, you can click the drop-down box for each person's name. Then select the permission you want to allow: Just watch or View Edit. click Done when you're done.

Add people and permissions to Mac sharing calendar

Once your calendar invitations reach and accept the recipients, those you share with will be ticked next to their names.

With this shared calendar, everyone on your team can stay up to date on the events they need – whether for the company in general or for a specific project. And make sure you share these tricks to master the Mac Calendar app

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with your employees.

Collaborate by sharing photos or images

The Photos app on Mac isn't just useful for taking pictures of your pets and family. If you work in a company where you regularly work with photos and other images, you can use the "Shared album" function in the Photo app.

To create a shared album in photos, do the following:

  1. Press the Plus sign next to Shared albums in the sidebar.
  2. Give your album one Surname and optional a commentas a description.
  3. You can invite others to the album right away by clicking Plus sign and select them from your contacts.
  4. click Create and you're done.

Mac Photos Create a shared album

If you want to create the shared album first and share it later, it's easy. Choose shared album in the sidebar and then click People Toolbar button. Press the Plus sign and select a contact to invite.

Mac Photos Shared album view people

You can move existing pictures to the shared album by simply dragging them there. It is also possible to import pictures from your Mac or iCloud Drive into the album. click file > Import Follow the instructions in the menu bar to find, select and import the images.

Share other elements with your team from a Mac

With the following steps, you can quickly share almost anything you find with Safari, record it in voice memos, or use it in contacts:

  • Share a page in Safari: Press the share Toolbar button or file > share from the menu bar.
  • Share a recording in voice memos: Press the share Button in the toolbar or right click and select share.
  • Split a card into contacts: Select the contact card and click on share Click the button at the bottom right of the window or right-click and choose share.

Keep in mind that you can forward emails from emails and text from messages for your company and share the screen of your Mac with messages

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with colleagues.

Work together by sharing on your Mac

Use these standard apps and their sharing features on Mac instead of collaborating with copy and paste methods on notes, reminders, events or images.

When you want to collaborate in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on Mac

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We also have a helpful tutorial to share these documents.

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