The Newest Safari 14 Replace Presents a New Privateness Report Device

Apple hasn't publicly released the next major version of macOS alongside the launch of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. But you don't have to wait to experience one of the best features of MacOS Big Sur: Safari 14. Apple is now rolling out Safari 14 as a standalone update for existing MacOS Catalina and Mojave users.

Unlike other app updates, you can't download Safari 14 from the App Store on your Mac. Instead, the update is available under System Settings> Software Update.

The new Safari update offers a variety of visual and under-the-hood improvements across the board. One of the highlights is a new privacy tool that lets you examine which websites have tried to keep track of you with cross-site trackers. You can access it from the Safari Dropbox> Privacy Report.

The Safari landing page has also been redesigned. In addition to a visual update, the homepage also has a link for the privacy report and options to set a custom wallpaper – similar to Google Chrome. Also, you can now select a number of other sections, such as Siri Suggestions and Reading List, right from the home page.

In addition, Safari 14 adds a handful of overdue upgrades to the bar, which shows any open tabs. Favorites and a preview of the site are now displayed by default when you hover over the active tab. Another notable new feature is support for 4K HDR resolution for YouTube videos.

Additionally, Apple has finally ended support for Adobe Flash for better online protection. Flash apps are notorious for their lax security and are often misused to deceive users. Competitors like Google Chrome gave up Flash a long time ago. Safari 14 also lets you sign in to websites that support Fast Identity Online (FIDO) with Face ID and Touch ID on iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. However, it is still unclear whether these are still available.

MacOS Big Sur is still in beta and Apple has not announced an exact start date for specifying a release window for fall 2020. It could announce its public launch at its upcoming event, where the company will also unveil its next line of iPhone.

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