The New Arctic White Model of the Dell XPS 15 Is Beautiful

I was already a big fan of the Dell XPS 15. It is an extremely powerful and slim 15-inch laptop. However, the black-silver finish was undoubtedly conservative and the only color option.

This new version of Arctic White? Now there is a laptop that stands out from the crowd.

Dell introduced the color with its XPS 13, which has been around for years. As it is slowly becoming a popular option, Dell has finally equipped the XPS 15 with this eye-catching color scheme. The lid is still silver-colored, although it's a lighter "frost white" silver that matches the white of the interior better.

White laptops used to be more common, but they were always made of glossy plastic. As soon as the laptop design moved towards higher quality materials like aluminum, silver and black, the standard color options became. You are not alone when you think that has become boring.

This is what makes this new version of the XPS 15 so attractive. As one of the few white laptops available, the XPS 15 feels refreshing. Laptops like the light blue Samsung Galaxy Flex are brave, but they often feel too gaudy or desperate for attention to my taste.

Painting a piece of aluminum white is not possible from the point of view of reliability as well as production. Dell has always avoided this problem by using its patented woven glass-carbon fiber material. It is a mixture of fabrics and materials that combine to form a unique and durable surface.

As it turns out, it is also a better material for painting white. Over the years, Dell has advocated the longevity of its color process. A scratch or spill will not rub off white, which is the first concern people have about color. This is particularly important for palm rests that are subject to more stress than any other part of the laptop.

This white model is available as a $ 50 upgrade to the standard XPS 15. It is similar to Dell's sale of the XPS 13. It is also only available in different configurations, mainly for high-end models. According to Dell, the new color option should be available sometime this summer.

There is still no word from Dell about whether this new color will eventually be an option for the larger XPS 17, but I keep my fingers crossed.

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