The New Apple Silicon Macs Are Apple’s Finest Reveal of 2020

I'll be right out and say it: The Apple Silicon Macs with the new M1 chip that Tim Cook and the company unveiled at the company's event in November 2020 are the biggest and best Apple products of 2020.

That might sound like an unusual statement. According to Apple's latest financial results, the company sold nearly five iPhones for every Mac in the twelve months leading up to September 2020. Doesn't that mean that the Mac is a very small boy compared to the iPhone giant? With its sleek new design and great cameras, won't the iPhone 12 family consolidate that dominance?

These numbers only tell half the story. For all of their nifty features and appeal, the latest iPhones are a far smaller step up on their predecessors than the latest Apple Silicon MacBooks on their own ancestors. For suffering Mac fans, this means that at the end of the tunnel there is finally light. While the latest iPhones are an advancement, the new Macs are a revolution.

Lower the price for performance

This isn't the first time in recent years that Mac users have had reason to hope. In November 2019, Apple introduced the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This was a huge step up from the 15-inch model previously unveiled. Almost everything was better, from the power and cooling system to the Magic keyboard to the larger display. It was a new dawn for Macs.

At least it seemed that way back then. The problem was, Apple never brought most of these improvements to the 13-inch MacBook Pro – or the MacBook Air. With prices starting at a cool $ 2,399 for the 16-inch model, the vast majority of these excellent improvements have been just out of reach for most people. If you wanted a system that didn't overheat and throttle while working to its limits, or if you wanted a modern looking Apple laptop with slim bezels, you had to pay the staggering sums of money Apple was asking for or simply forego it.

While the Apple Silicon Macs Apple just announced don't completely solve this problem, they do manage to solve the most noticeable problem: performance. By installing chips that run not only faster but also cooler than their predecessors, Apple is offering its smaller siblings essentially the same benefits of the 16-inch MacBook Pro's thermal architecture – all at half the price of the high-end -Laptops. That's a big win for most Mac users.

And we're not just talking about a few small gains here, but a little extra battery life. No, Apple really threw it out of the park this time. The 13-inch MacBook Pro now has a CPU that runs almost three times faster than the best Intel can manage and a graphics chip that is five times faster. Do you think Macs can't make games? Think again

What's even more amazing is that the 13-inch MacBook Pro's battery life has doubled from 10 hours of video playback to 20 hours. I can't think of a single competing laptop that has increased performance and battery life so much at the same time.

Apple shares the wealth

Given the sheer number of people it will benefit from, that alone might be enough to tip the scales in the direction of the Apple Silicon Macs when we look for the best 2020 Apple announcement. But Apple didn't stop there.

By announcing that Apple Silicon will also be available for the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the company ensured that no Mac user would have to miss out on the benefits of the company's own M1 chips. The MacBook Air is the cheapest MacBook from Apple. Despite the numerous improvements to the M1 – Apple offers 3.5 times faster CPU performance and five times faster graphics performance over the previous MacBook Air – the starting price of $ 999 cannot be increased.

Even this remarkable feat is surpassed by the new Mac Mini. Apple's smallest desktop Mac now has a chip that offers three times faster CPU performance and six times faster GPU performance – incidentally, this is the largest performance increase of all Macs announced at the show – and at the same time reduces the price from 799 to 699 US- Dollar. I'm not the one to get carried away with sophisticated presentations, but that impressed myself.

Every portable Mac now has an Apple M1 chip, as does the cheapest desktop deal. Since these are far more popular than Apple's desktop Macs like the 5K iMac or the Mac Mini, this is a sensible move and ensures that a large number of Mac users can see the performance surge from the new processors.

And that is exactly what makes Apple's November event ultimately its most important show of 2020. Not only is Apple Silicon a huge improvement over Intel's often delayed processors, but Apple has managed to make it available to a wide variety of potential Mac buyers . With this change, Apple has given Mac fans something to smile about – and something to buy.

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