The Microsoft Retailer Is Crashing on Everybody’s PCs

Users report blocks, crashes, and failed downloads using Microsoft's official app store.

Microsoft really wants Windows 10 users to use the Microsoft Store more often, but a recent bug has made it hard for people to do anything with. Several reports indicate issues with the Microsoft Store, such as locks, perpetual charging wheels, and the inability to download apps.

New problems with the Microsoft Store

Bleeping Computer got wind of these issues after discovering a wave of posts and reports on the subject. As it turns out, something Microsoft has been doing with the operating system lately is causing the Microsoft Store to act in weird ways.

For example, when someone tries to download something from the store, it either starts an endless load or the entire page freezes.

Users are also finding that certain pages in the Microsoft Store can succumb to the eternal load failure. For example, when you try to access the download page, the Microsoft Store sometimes displays a loading wheel that never goes away.

Eventually, if you exercise patience and wait for the Microsoft Store to fix its problems, the app will be completely blocked. After that, your only hope is to close it using the ALT-F4 keyboard shortcut or via Task Manager.

When the Microsoft Store crashes, it writes an error log to Event Viewer before it disappears. The error log says that the store somehow "stopped interacting with Windows," which sounds like a good reason for a crash.

It's a shame because Microsoft has worked hard to encourage users to use its official app store more often. The tech giant recently moved updates to MS Paint and Windows Update's Snipping tool and instead downloaded them from the Microsoft Store.

So, if Microsoft really wants users to fall in love with the official store again, this crash issue needs to be addressed. Otherwise, users will simply look for alternatives and leave the Microsoft Store to collect digital dust.

A powerful task for the Microsoft Store

Microsoft really wants you to love their App Store again, but a new wave of bugs has made this very difficult. Hopefully Microsoft can find a solution soon and get the store up and running.

That's not to say that the Microsoft Store has an impeccable track record. Users had to adjust the system clock, clear the cache and even check the registry in order for the Microsoft Store to work again.

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