The Greatest Webcam Apps for Android and iOS

The great work-from-home experiment of 2020 left millions of us in dire need of a webcam. Instead of using one of the best webcams, we're going to show you how to use your smartphone or one that you already have around your house. Your smartphone can easily act as a webcam, and there are a few apps that can help you do this. We have put together a quick guide to our favorites. Here are the best webcam apps for Android and iOS.

EpocCam first released on the App Store almost a decade ago, but it really got its shine in the last year. This app from Elgato (now owned by Corsair) allows you to use your iPhone as an HD webcam and microphone on Mac and Windows. Once you've installed the appropriate drivers, EpocCam will be able to discover your phone as an optional webcam in apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others. You can connect your phone to your computer either via WiFi or USB and EpocCam will make sure your computer recognizes it.


Similar to our first entry, DroidCam lets your PC recognize your Android phone as a webcam for use in video conferencing apps. The free ad-supported version of DroidCam supports standard definition webcam streaming and connects via USB or Wi-Fi. DroidCam also offers a paid version called DroidCamX, which offers more functionality than just creating a connection between your phone's cameras and microphones and your desktop. DroidCamX brings some technologies that are often found in full-service webcams to your device. DroidCam offers video smoothing, noise reduction, IP webcam access, and a USB-only mode for added privacy and security. The paid version is $ 5.

Google play

iCam for iOS goes beyond the traditional use case of a webcam and allows you to remotely activate and monitor the cameras of your various iOS devices. Whether you're creating a makeshift security system or setting up a pet camera, iCam lets you view and record your iOS device's camera. With the app and the corresponding desktop software for Mac and Windows, you can save motion events in the cloud to protect them against loss or theft of your devices. iCam sells a range of monthly cloud storage packages starting at 5GB for $ 5. For an additional level of access, you can log into any of your iCam-enabled cameras for any Java-enabled browser to ensure that you can review your setup from anywhere in the world. iCam also offers a Pro version with improved bandwidth, video quality and numerous additional features.


Whatever your needs or smartphone platform, from setting up a webcam for your home to a full-fledged security system for your home or just a way to keep an eye on your beloved pets abroad, these apps will help Job done. First, take a look at the high resolution camera in your pocket before going to your local electronics store or Amazon to find an expensive new webcam.

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