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Brainstorming sessions are great, but sometimes you can drown in a thicket of ideas, semi-concepts and free-floating words. If this sounds familiar to you, consider using a mind mapping tool. Mind maps are digital flowcharts that can be used to describe ideas and list options.

In more advanced forms, they can also be used to describe complex structures and concepts so that your entire team can understand them better. Find the best mind mapping software options available, their most impressive strengths, and how to download them for your next big meeting.

MindMeister (free)

MindMeister is a web-based mapping tool and one of the best options if your team uses multiple operating systems or works remotely.

The card works in real time, making it ideal for long distance brainstorming. The presentation functions allow you to display complex ideas in a natural way, which is ideal for strategy development. If you are looking for additional functions, the software also works well with MeisterTask to create a workflow-oriented solution. MindMeister is now offering a free version of its Mind Mapping service, Basic, which includes: up to three mind maps, email support and real-time collaboration. MindMeister premium service plans start at $ 5 per user per month.

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Coggle (free)


Coggle is a Chrome-based extension that focuses on collaboration. So if you need to create a mind map with other people, this is the first option you should consider. The cards are simple and there are several different formats to choose from. However, you can add images if necessary. You can also use the app to comment, chat and view the revision history. This makes them a fantastic collaboration tool when working with a large team.

It's also robustly compatible with Google Drive and Google Contacts, making it an easy choice for those who have already invested in the Google ecosystem.

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Wisemapping (free)


Wisemapping is a free, web-based mind mapping option that has been around for years and is still a good choice for creating maps from scratch. If you need a map with lots of forks or details for your work, you will appreciate Wisemapping's many customization tools that can turn simple tree-based maps into complex constructions.

However, take some time to learn how to use all wisemapping tools as they are not as intuitive as some of the options available.

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Wisemapping (free) undoubtedly got its name from the friendly, bubble-like knot shapes with which diagrams are created. It's one of the most user-friendly tools on our pure, personal brainstorming list that you can use to quickly connect a number of thoughts before they go away. They also have a fun collection of quick map templates for building websites, organizing, and so on.

There aren't many customization options, but getting started is very easy and everything is free unless you want to pay $ 5 a month for teamwork and sharing features.

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