The Greatest New Home windows 10 Options within the Could 2020 Replace

Windows 10 releases important updates for April and October about twice a year. The latest version at the time of writing is Windows 10 May 2020 update (version 2004). This version offers some new functions and many small improvements in the entire operating system.

Let's take a look at some of the new features and updates in the latest version of Windows. If you are interested, we have an archive with remarkable features from previous updates. Feel free to jump to any section.

Jump to an update:

How to update to the latest version of Windows 10

You will finally receive all function updates via Windows Update. Microsoft is providing these updates in batches, so you may not receive them immediately. When the time comes, a prompt is displayed to inform you that a major update is pending.

It is also possible to start the download manually, although Microsoft has changed this a bit. Just click on in the past Check for updates Button at Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update would ask the latest version to download. Due to difficult starts in the past, Windows now displays a separate prompt asking if you want to update to the latest feature update.

This prompt does not appear until you have installed the latest updates. For easier use, go to the Windows 10 download page and click Update now to get an applet to start the download.

Just make sure you take precautions before upgrading Windows 10

Do this before every Windows 10 update or installation
Windows 10 receives important updates and monthly updates twice a year. We'll show you what you should do before you run Windows Update. Patch Tuesday can now come!
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The May 2020 update

Let's take a look at the best new features in version 2004 that were current at the time of writing.

Cloud download will be reinstalled

With the update from May 2020, the reinstallation of Windows will be much more convenient. Before when you wanted to reset or update Windows to factory settings

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The process would use the operating system files on your computer. Now you can choose them Cloud download Option to reinstall Windows over the Internet instead.

This means you save time by upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 and reinstalling at the same time. This is also useful if regular reinstallation fails due to corrupt files or the like.

Optional updates Separated in Windows Update

When you visit Windows Update at Settings> Update & securityNow you see one Show optional updates Link under the Check for updates Button.

Security updates that Microsoft recommends to install immediately will continue to be provided through normal Windows updates. These optional updates include non-essential drivers, minor quality updates, and even feature updates for Windows 10 when first released.

This makes it easy to separate critical updates from less important ones and know where to get additional updates if you want them.

A revised Cortana interface

Cortana Windows May 10, 2020 update

As of version 2004, you can move the Cortana window with Windows 10 like any other app. Open it by searching for it or using the Cortana icon in your system tray.

In particular, you can now interact with Cortana by typing a chat window instead of speaking. Cortana still has many features, including opening apps, setting reminders, and checking your calendar.

If you've been a Power Cortana user in the past, you may be disappointed to learn that Microsoft removed some features in this update. It can no longer interact with smart home devices or connect to your favorite music service. Windows 10 also recommends that you sign in with a work or school account to get the best results with Cortana.

This can be a good move since Cortana has not been as popular in the past as Alexa or Google Assistant. The assistant is characterized by a stronger focus on productivity.

Windows subsystem for Linux version 2

Microsoft has made great strides in providing some Linux features for Windows 10. We showed you how to run a Linux desktop on your Windows PC

How to run a Linux desktop with the Windows subsystem for Linux
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Use the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature.

With the May 2020 update, this feature will be upgraded to version 2. It uses a real Linux kernel to provide an authentic experience that is updated through Windows Update. Microsoft claims that this will result in much better performance if the feature is used.

While average users may not be particularly interested in this feature, it is an exciting development for cross-platform users and anyone interested in Linux.

Small Task Manager improvements

Improvements in Windows 10 Task Manager

The good old Task Manager picked up some useful tricks in the latest update. Visit his performance Tab to check them out.

Especially for everyone disc Entry, see you now SSD or hard disk to let you know what type of storage medium it is. While you could previously find this information elsewhere in Windows, this is more convenient here. It's easy to check whether you're helping a friend work on their computer or forgetting which hard drive is which in your own.

Jump to GPU Tab (if you have a dedicated graphics card) and you will see the new one GPU temperature Field. This way, you can easily determine how hot your GPU is so that you don't overuse it. Check out our guide to PC operating temperatures

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for more informations.

"Passwordless" login

The latest update for Windows 10 includes a toggle that forces you to use a Windows Hello sign-in option instead of a password for all Microsoft accounts on your device.

Go to Settings> Accounts> Sign In Options and activate the switch under Windows Hello login required for Microsoft accounts. To do this, you must use one of the above methods on the same page, e.g. B. a PIN or a fingerprint.

Windows 10 Windows required Hello

If you are not aware of it, use a PIN to sign in to Windows 10

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is better for security reasons because the PIN for this device is local. Someone who stole your PIN could only log into your PC while they could use your Microsoft account password to break into your email, Skype, Xbox, and other accounts.

Since special hardware is required for a fingerprint or face recognition, we recommend using a PIN in most cases. This method works with any device and is easier to enter than your secure Microsoft password.

Rename virtual desktops

Windows 10 rename virtual desktops

Here's a little feature you might appreciate: You can now rename the virtual desktops you create on the Win + tab Menu. Instead of easy Desktop 1, Desktop 2etc. can make identification easier at a glance.

Just click on the name to customize it. Name them according to their purpose (like entertainment or job) should come in handy.

FPS counter in the game bar

Windows 10 FPS Counter Xbox

If you want to track the performance of games on your PC, you will appreciate a little update in the Game Bar feature. Press Win + G. or press the Xbox button on a controller to open the game bar while playing and you will now see one FPS Counter in the performance Window.

If you don't see this window, make sure you haven't hidden it from the menu bar that appears at the top of the screen when you open the game bar. And visit Settings> Games> Xbox Game Bar to activate the function if the key combination does not work at all.

The May 2019 update

Here are the key features of Windows 10 version 1903.

Windows sandbox for testing software

Most of the changes in the May 2019 update are improvements and refinements to existing functions. One of the few brand new tools is the Windows Sandbox. It is only available to users on Windows 10 Pro and later and allows you to run software in a secure environment.

Activate the Windows 10 sandbox

To activate it, you need to make sure that virtualization features are activated on your system. To check this, open the Task Manager with Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Choose More details If you only see a small list of apps here, switch to performance Tab.

By doing Central processor In this section, a is displayed Virtualization Field on the right. If that doesn't mean activatedFollow our guide to enable virtualization on your PC

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Then enter Windows functions in the start menu and open the Turn Windows features on or off Shortcut. Look in the resulting list Windows sandbox, check it and press OK. A new dialog box appears, in which some required files are installed. You will then be asked to restart to complete the installation.

Activate the Windows sandbox

Finally, you can search now Windows sandbox via the start menu. Open it and confirm the administrator rights. After a few moments, an empty Windows 10 desktop will appear.

Use the Windows 10 sandbox

Windows 10 sandbox

From there you have an isolated environment in which you can test any software you want. Drag and drop is not supported, but you can simply copy and paste any installers or other files you want to run in the sandbox. Use this option to test software that you don't trust on your main system.

When you're done, close the sandbox like any other app. Note that this will completely destroy everything inside, so you'll have a new box the next time you start.

In particular, the sandbox offers a constantly updated environment. This is much more efficient than a virtual machine that needs to be updated regularly.

Less pressure with Windows Update

Windows May 10, 2019 Windows Update

While Microsoft releases new versions of Windows 10 approximately every six months, older versions are supported for 18 months after their release. For example, the Windows update from October 10, 2018 was released in November 2018 and will be supported until May 2020.

Thanks to the changes in version 1903, it is now easier to stay on an older version if you want. Instead of forcing you to install these important updates shortly after launch, now is your choice. If you want to stay on an earlier version, you don't have to upgrade until the 18-month support period has ended.

For people who value stability and are not interested in the latest features, this is a welcome option. In addition, you can now stop Windows Update with the Home Edition of Windows 10

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for a few weeks. In the past, the Pro Edition was required for this.

Enter the light side

Windows 10 color mode

Lately there has been a lot of hype about dark topics that Windows 10 already contains. However, if you prefer the opposite, you'll love to discover the new lighting theme in Windows 10. This will set many display elements to use a brighter tone.

To activate it, go to Settings> Personalization> Colors. Under Choose your coloryou can select the new one light Theme, dark, or Custom. If you choose Customyou can set separate options for your Windows and app mode. This way, you can set Windows items dark while apps stay in bright mode, or vice versa.

Split Search and Cortana

Windows 10 search icons taskbar

Windows 10 combined Cortana and desktop search for a long time. This meant that when you opened the search box, Cortana and its list of features were displayed. This is a little frustrating if you are not interested in Cortana or prefer to use both functions separately.

Now you can do just that. Windows 10 offers separate icons for Cortana and Search in the taskbar. To change their appearance, right-click on an empty space in the task bar and select Show Cortana button to toggle that. And under searchyou can choose Hidden, Show search icon, or Show search field.

The search bar now only searches for files on your PC and for web results. You can use the tabs above to filter by the type of data you want to find. As a result, Cortana is now banned for voice search.

Combined with disabling all Cortana options on Settings> Cortana> Talk to Cortanayou can hide them from your view essentially without registration hacks.

Advanced PC search

Windows 10 search mode

Speaking of search: The integrated Windows 10 search now offers you more options. Go to Settings> Search to find them.

Under Permissions & historyyou'll find options for filtering explicit content in web results and finding content from your connected Microsoft accounts. However, the most interesting options are on the Search Windows Tab.

Here you can choose a new one Improved Search mode. Previously, Windows 10 only searched your file libraries and your desktop, which often stores files. If you select this option, your entire PC will be displayed in the Windows search. This is a handy option if you don't want to keep files in libraries or just want to search everything.

You can set folders to be excluded from these searches below.

Various improvements

As it turns out, the May 10, 2019 Windows update doesn't have many heading features. Most changes are changes to existing tools. We describe some of the most notable below.

Specter Speed ​​Fixes

The terrible Specter and Meltdown exploits were a big topic in 2018. These issues caused many computers to run slower, but the latest update claims to improve this thanks to some tweaks.

Time will tell if it makes a difference.

Improved game bar

The Windows 10 game bar is a utility that gathers many practical game options in one place. The latest version of Windows 10 has been upgraded. You can now manage Spotify music playback from the game bar and create additional memes.

Uninstall other standard apps

Uninstall other Windows 10 apps

One of the first tasks most users do with a new system is to uninstall Windows 10 bloatware apps

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. In the May 2019 update, you can uninstall more apps than previously allowed. Now you can hook up mail, calendar, movies & TV and other apps.

Some, like the Microsoft Store and Edge, still won't uninstall this way. However, it is a welcome change to be able to remove more apps that you will never use.

Log in without a password

You can now create a Microsoft login without a password. By providing your phone number, Microsoft will send you a login code each time you log in. This method allows you to sign in to Windows 10 and then use a Windows Hello authentication method such as a PIN or a fingerprint for future signups.

This is supposed to combat password theft. So we'll see if it becomes more mainstream.

Refinements to the start menu

A minor change that only affects new installations or accounts is a clearer start menu. It has fewer tiles, making it less cluttered. You can now also remove groups of tiles so that you can remove all malicious ads at once.

The October 2018 update

If you're still using an older version of Windows, here are the coolest features added in the October 2018 update (version 1809).

Your phone app

After the failed Windows Phone platform, Microsoft supported Android (and to a lesser extent iOS) with apps and cross-platform compatibility with Windows. The Your phone App in Windows 10 goes even further.

You can send text messages and access photos directly from your PC on your Android phone (7.0 or higher). You can even drag a photo from your phone to your PC to open it in an app. iPhone users don't get all the features, but can send web pages from their phone to their computer.

While you have many third-party options for connecting Android and Windows

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It is always welcome to see more integrated tools.

Improved screenshot tool

The basic snipping tool meets simple screenshot requirements, but lacks all power user functions. In the October update, you can try out the new Snip & Sketch tool as a replacement.

Press Win + Shift + S. to open the window and take a screenshot. At the top, you can switch between rectangular and free-form recording mode or take a full-screen picture. As soon as you have entered an area, it is immediately available in your clipboard.

Click on the resulting notification and you can make fundamental changes to your screenshots, such as: B. Draw and crop. From there you can save it, copy it to your clipboard or open it in another app for further changes.

Windows 10 Snip Sketch

Explorer Dark Theme file

Windows 10 File Explorer Dark

Windows 10 has had a dark theme for some time, but was previously limited to store apps. Now activate the dark mode at Settings> Personalization> Colors Also gives your file explorer a dark makeover.

It's not quite as amazing as macOS Mojave's dark mode, but a welcome option if you like dark subjects or use your PC a lot at night. If you activate this, the context menu in File Explorer and on the desktop will be dark.

Improved HDR support

Windows HD color

As 4K monitors become more mainstream with more powerful viewing options, Windows 10 makes it easy to enable HDR if you have compatible hardware. Windows 10 has supported HDR in the past, but setting it up wasn't always easy.

Now you can go Settings> System> Display and click Windows HD color settings Configure HDR. You will see whether your connected displays support HDR functions and you can adjust them if necessary.

Start menu search improvements

Windows 10 search preview

The search function in the start menu has always been a quick way to find apps, files, settings and more on your PC. The latest update makes it even easier to get to the content you want quickly.

When you search for something, the menu shows a preview window that shows the best results for your search. These can be Bing results for a web search, options such as opening as an administrator when searching for software or previewing documents.

Improvements and progress of the clipboard

With a new clipboard shortcut in Windows 10, you can copy and paste devices without additional apps. Just press Win + V. and you see the new window on the clipboard.

Windows 10 clipboard history

That way, you get a native clipboard manager that lets you paste something you've copied, even if it's not the newest item. You can also pin frequently used clips for easy access. Windows also links your clipboard to all devices that you are running the October 2018 or later update.

To configure this, take a look at Settings> System> Clipboard.

Windows 10 clipboard options

Power consumption in the task manager

Windows Power Usage Task Manager

If you want to extend the battery life of your Windows laptop, you may be wondering how much power apps use. Now in Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) you can see a Power consumption Entry on the Processes Tab.

This, along with the Power consumption trend Field, lets you know how much energy apps consume. Limit how often you keep them open and you should notice improved battery life.

Bluetooth battery level

You can now view the battery life of connected Bluetooth devices (if supported) under Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices.

Overwrite regional settings

Change Windows Regional Format

Windows 10 sets some display options, e.g. For example, the date format and the first day of the week based on your region. Now you can overwrite it if you want. visit Settings> Time & language> Region and click Change data formats to adjust them.

Make text bigger

With Windows 10, you can now increase text size across the operating system without scaling. to open Settings> Easy Access> Display and pull the Make text bigger Slider as you like.

Better Windows Update automation

Windows Update tries to detect when you are not using your PC and automatically installs updates during this time. In previous versions, this wasn't too smart and sometimes installed an update when you just took a moment to step back.

Fortunately, the October 2018 update makes this smarter. Windows will now understand better if you have resigned for a short or long period of time. This should result in less inappropriate updates.

Game bar improvements

Windows 10 new game bar

The Windows 10 game bar is now its own app and contains some improvements. In the latest version, you can adjust the audio options directly in the bar. You'll also see a table with game stats like FPS, CPU and other hardware loads.

Activate the game bar under Settings> Games> Game bar.

The autumn creators update

Microsoft added the following in Windows 10 version 1709.

People app

Microsoft is expanding its social game with the People application. With People, a new addition to the taskbar, you can contact people via email and Skype directly from the taskbar. To activate, right-click on the taskbar and check the Show People button Possibility.

The People app lets you share fun content with family and friends, or manage business contacts and projects. Regardless of whether it is a document, a PowerPoint presentation, a picture or a video, simply drag and drop content directly from your PC to a specific contact.

Perhaps the most useful component of the People app is cross-application communication. This means that you can view communication across multiple chats and messages in a single desktop app. While only a few selected applications are available for the People app (namely Xbox, email and Skype), Microsoft has laid the foundations for a possible integration of Facebook and Twitter. That makes People a potentially fantastic standard app.

Mixed reality

In the original Fall Creators Update, Microsoft tested 3D editing and modeling of 3D smartphone cameras. Now this 3D program has been expanded to a complete mixed reality platform for Windows 10.

How? The Windows 10 Edge browser was the first to fully support WebVR, so users can access and interact with virtual reality projects online using the Edge browser. This may not seem too impressive, but it is a really forward-looking thinking from Microsoft: in some circles, the future of web development is in 3D space.

Are you not interested in VR projects? Search Edge on a VR room wall with Microsoft's Mixed Reality Portal (MRP). With MRP, users can integrate a 3D experience into their desktop using Microsoft's HoloLens.

Microsoft has also developed a response to the growing popularity of social media AR (Augmented Reality) integrations, particularly Snapchat's facial filters and 3D World Lens technology. Don't want to jump for the HoloLens? Enjoy Microsoft's Mixed Reality Viewer, where you only need a webcam to take advantage of Windows 10's augmented reality benefits. Just click on yours Start menu, Art mixed realityand choose the Mixed reality portal Option to get started.

It will be interesting to see where a tech giant like Microsoft will adopt this new form of media.

OneDrive On-Demand

While OneDrive is installed by default on most Windows 10 computers, only a few use the full potential. This can change with Windows 10's on-demand sync. While in most online repositories you can only upload and download files through your account, One-Drive users can now save files locally, upload them to the cloud, and share view links by default.

That means you can upload, delete, edit, and download a variety of files and formats using OneDrive cloud storage. This saves valuable local storage space and gives you security about the status of your most important documents.

Telephone connection

In this era, cross-device interaction (phone to PC, TV to phone, etc.) is of paramount importance. Microsoft has decided to further close the gap and is now offering users the ability to connect iOS and Android devices to their Windows 10 computers.

Enter to activate the telephone connection Connect the phone in your start menu and click on Link your phone Possibility. Then enter your phone number in the following window.

By linking your phone, you can currently only share websites from the edge browser of your smartphone via the browser for your PC share Possibility. In case you didn't know, you can also view phone notifications on your Windows 10 desktop using the Cortana smartphone app!

Although the phone notification feature was released before the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, these two quiet features show that Microsoft wants to close the gap between mobile devices and desktops.

Emoji panel

That's right: Windows 10 is finally equipped with its own standard emoji keyboard. You can access your emoji keyboard in Windows 10 with the keyboard shortcut Windows key + period (.) or Windows key + semicolon (;).

Kudos to Microsoft for providing users with the Windows emoji feature they have long wanted.

However, the new emoji keyboard is not without its flaws. Currently, users can only type one emoji at a time before exiting by default. Let's hope Microsoft recognizes this and fixes this problem in the upcoming updates.

Microsoft Edge-Verbesserungen

Das Windows 10 Fall Creators-Update enthält zahlreiche Funktionen in der Funktionsliste von Microsoft Edge. Zum einen ist das Fixieren von Websites so einfach wie das Aufrufen der Website und das Auswählen der Pin diese Seite an die Taskleiste Option in Ihrem Edge-Browser-Einstellungsfeld. Auf die gleiche Weise können Sie auch Websites an Ihr Startmenü anheften.

Weitere Aspekte von Edge, die zuvor noch nicht verfügbar waren, sind: PDF-Text-to-Speech, erweiterte PDF-Bearbeitung, Verwalten von Berechtigungen, Importieren von Lesezeichen, Bearbeiten von Lieblings-URLs (Lesezeichen) zur einfacheren Suche sowie Surfen auf Ihrem Telefon und Fortfahren mit Ihrem PC.

Die neuen Funktionen von Edge sind zwar nicht gerade schockierend, zeigen jedoch, dass Microsoft weiterhin bestrebt ist, einen ernsthaften Konkurrenten für den Browsermarkt zu schaffen. Wenn Microsoft so weitermacht, wird Edge möglicherweise sogar zu Ihrem neuen Browser Ihrer Wahl.

Story Remix

Microsoft wagt sich mit seinem neuesten Experiment (erneut) in die Welt des Filmemachens. Story Remix. Story Remix ist eine Funktion in der Windows 10-Fotoanwendung, mit der Benutzer Kurzfilme mit Bildern und Videoclips nach Belieben erstellen, bearbeiten und bewerten können.

Wie die meisten anderen Funktionen im Fall Creators Update ist dies sowohl für den persönlichen als auch für den beruflichen Gebrauch bestimmt. Führen Sie ein Hundepflegeunternehmen und möchten Sie Ihren Kunden ein maßgeschneidertes Video über den Pflegeprozess ihres Hundes senden? Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, mit Ihrer Foto-App einen Ordner mit Bildern und Videos zu erstellen. Windows erstellt in Sekundenschnelle einen fantastischen Kurzfilm mit geringfügiger Interaktion. Das Beste ist, dass keine Kenntnisse in der Videobearbeitung erforderlich sind!

Dies mag sich wie ein gewöhnlicher automatischer Videoerstellungsdienst anhören, ist es aber nicht. Microsoft hat Schritte zur Integration von KI und Deep Learning in Story Remix unternommen und erweiterte Optionen wie die automatische Auswahl ausgewählter Personen aus einer Gesamtauswahl von Videos ermöglicht. Sie können diesen Videos auch Text oder Zeichnungen hinzufügen, um ein persönliches Flair zu erhalten.

Sie können einem Video nicht nur flachen Text hinzufügen. Sie können auch 3D-Modelle in Videos integrieren. Der beeindruckendste Teil von Story Remix ist die Integration von 3D-Objekten und Animationen in das aufgenommene Video. Mit Story Remix können Sie 3D-Modelle (von denen die meisten von Microsoft veröffentlicht wurden) nahtlos in Ihr Video integrieren, sodass Benutzer Quasi-CGI-Kurzfilme ohne 3D-Modellierung oder Videobearbeitung bearbeiten und erstellen können.

Obwohl dies nicht die am besten dokumentierte Funktion des Fall Creators-Updates ist, ist es wunderbar zu bemerken, dass Microsoft den Benutzern nicht nur 3D-Funktionen bietet. Benutzer können damit mit 3D-Modellierung und AG-Integrationen spielen und diese kennenlernen.


Windows 10 Task Manager-GPU

Wenn Sie ein Übertaktungsliebhaber sind, wissen Sie, wie wichtig die Leistung Ihrer PC-Komponenten ist. Microsoft versteht dies und hat einen kleinen Schritt unternommen, um Technikfreaks zu beruhigen, indem der beliebte Task-Manager GPU-Statistiken in Echtzeit bereitstellt.

Beachten Sie, dass Sie Funktionen wie die Lüftergeschwindigkeit nicht über Ihren Task-Manager ändern können. Sie können jedoch den Auslastungsgrad Ihrer GPU, Speicherstatistiken, Treiberversionen und mehr anzeigen.

Fließendes Design

Benutzer haben lange auf eine Überarbeitung der Windows 10-Benutzeroberfläche gewartet. Langsam aber sicher geht das Warten zu Ende. Begrüßen Sie die bescheidenen Anfänge des Microsoft Fluent Design Systems, eines eleganten und subtilen UI-Designprojekts, das im letzten Fall Creators Update angedeutet wurde.

Fluent Design verspricht, den Benutzern eine andere Art von UI-Erfahrung zu bieten, die Funktionen wie subtil verschwommene Fenstertransparenz, interaktive Fensterabschnitte, lichtbasierte Farbschemata und eine insgesamt schlankere Programm- / Controller-Beziehung mit sich bringt.

Rahmen, Tiefe, light Microsoft wählt das neue Design als Marke. Nach dem Wenigen zu urteilen, scheint Microsoft zu einem größeren, besseren, reibungsloseren und stärker integrierten UI-Design überzugehen.

Derzeit können Sie einige Aspekte der Benutzeroberfläche in der neuesten Windows-Version mit kleinen Apps wie dem Windows 10-Rechner und der neu veröffentlichten People-App anzeigen.


Mit dem Windows 10 Fall Creators Update können Benutzer Linux-Distributionen jetzt direkt aus dem Microsoft Store auf ihre Windows-Computer installieren.

Beachten Sie, dass diese Funktion nicht gleich einem Dual-Boot ist. Sie können beispielsweise die Maus- und Tastaturversion von Ubuntu nicht verwenden. Stattdessen können Benutzer mit dem Fall Creators Update Bash-Befehle mit verschiedenen Linux-Distributionen direkt in der Windows 10-Umgebung ausführen.

Um Ubuntu unter Windows zu installieren, klicken Sie auf Beginning Speisekarte und Typ Windows-Funktionen. Dann klicken Sie auf Schalte Windows Funktionen ein oder aus Possibility. Suchen und überprüfen Sie im folgenden Fenster die Windows-Subsystem für Linux Possibility.

Windows 10 aktiviert Linux

click OK. Sie werden aufgefordert, Ihren PC neu zu starten. Gehen Sie nach dem Neustart zum Microsoft Store, indem Sie auf klicken Startmenü, tippen Geschäftund Auswahl der Microsoft Store Possibility. Suchen nach Linux innerhalb dieses Fensters. Sie werden aufgefordert, Linux-Distributionen zu erwähnen. click Holen Sie sich die Apps und fahren Sie mit der Installation Ihres Favoriten fort.

Windows 10 Installieren Sie Linux aus dem Store

Das war's – Sie betreiben offiziell eine vollwertige Linux-Distribution direkt neben Windows 10.

Windows 10 wird immer besser

Jetzt kennen Sie alle coolen Funktionen, die Sie in der neuesten Windows 10-Version ausprobieren können. Microsoft nimmt mit jedem Update viele Änderungen vor. Es lohnt sich daher, ein Update durchzuführen, wenn Sie für etwas Neues bereit sind. Wir werden diese Ressource jedes Mal aktualisieren, wenn ein neues Hauptupdate für Windows 10 veröffentlicht wird.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in den am häufigsten übersehenen Windows 10-Funktionen

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you should know about.

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