The Greatest Method to Give a Keynote Presentation Over Zoom or Skype

If you're working remotely, you may need to provide a keynote presentation through Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing apps. This is daunting at first – especially if you're not tech-savvy – but there are two easy ways you can do this.

Keynote Live is the best option to share your presentation slides with others online. If this is not available, you can share your Mac screen using Zoom or Skype instead. We will explain each of these methods in more detail below.

Share your presentation online with Keynote Live

Keynote Live is a tool that allows you to share your presentation online with up to 100 people at the same time. Invited members can view your presentation from any device: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC or other mobile devices. All you have to do is click on the link you send them and open it in Keynote or a web browser.

With Keynote Live, you can view the Presenter screen to keep track of your current slide, next slide, and Presenter notes, while only showing your current slide to viewers.

Presenter ad in keynote

Unfortunately, Keynote Live cannot share audio with your audience. It's best to start a group call with Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing apps, and then instruct everyone to display your presentation in a separate window.

This allows users to continue listening to you during the conference call while viewing the slides in Keynote Live.

Here's how to use Keynote Live in three easy steps.

Step 1. Invite people to your Keynote live presentation

Open your presentation in Keynote and make sure your slides are ready to use. Then click Keynote Live Toolbar button; It looks like a laptop with two waves.

Keynote live button

In the pop-up window that appears, click Invite viewers and send a link to your contacts via mail, messages or AirDrop. Alternatively, you can choose Copy link from the drop-down menu and paste it into the chat of your zoom or Skype call.

If necessary, add a password to your presentation to keep it private. click More options and activate the Password required Box to it. Make sure you give the password next to the invitation link to everyone who needs it.


Click after you have approved the link for your Keynote presentation Game later So you can wait for everyone to get ready before starting the presentation. This gives you time to start your conference call, invite additional members, or make final adjustments to your slides.

Step 2. Start a conference call using Zoom or Skype

Because you can't share audio with Keynote Live, you still need to start a call in Zoom, Skype, or another conference app so that users can hear it. Make sure everyone joins your conference call before transferring them to Keynote Live to watch the presentation.

Ask users to click the link in the invitation you sent them, or to copy a new link to the Zoom or Skype chat box. To copy a new link, click Keynote Live Click the button in the keynote, and then click Invite viewers> copy link.

Before starting the presentation, you may want to turn off your camera in the video conferencing app. This way, people cannot watch you during the presentation and are prompted to switch to the Keynote Live window instead.

Step 3. Start the presentation in Keynote Live

When you return to Keynote App you should note that play Button has turned green. The number next to the button indicates how many people are currently waiting for your Keynote live presentation to begin.

Click to start your presentation play Button and choose to Play on Keynote Live.

The keynote takes a moment to load the slideshow. During this time, your slides will be uploaded to the cloud to reduce viewer delays.

Keynote Play button with Keynote Live option

When the presentation starts, press the button X. Key to switch between presenter display and audience display. In the Presenter display, you can display your current slide, the next slide, Presenter Notes and the number of viewers. Anyone viewing your presentation will only see the current slide.

Use the Left and Correct Arrows to navigate through your slides, or press Esc break up.

When your presentation is complete, click Keynote Live Button and Turn off Keynote Live. Then end your call in the video conferencing app.

Share your Keynote screen with Zoom or Skype

If Keynote Live is not available, you can still deliver your Keynote presentation by sharing your screen on Skype

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or zoom. This method isn't as elegant as Keynote Live, but a better option if you don't want to use Keynote in full-screen presentation mode.

Depending on the options in your video conferencing app, you can share part of your screen, a specific app window, or your entire computer screen.

It's best to share a portion of your screen so that you can continue to view your next slide and presentation notes. You can do this with Zoom, but not Skype. Instead, you need to share your entire Keynote window to deliver a presentation on Skype.

How to share a part of your screen with zoom

Open your keynote presentation and go to Keynote> Settings in the menu bar.

Of the Slideshow Tab, check the option Allow Mission Control, Dashboard and others to use the screen. This way you can switch between apps after starting your presentation.

Now go to Play> Sample slideshow from the menu bar. Press X. to activate the Presenter screen, which shows your current slide, the next slide, and Presenter notes.

Open the keynote Zoom and start your video conference.

click Split screen Go to the bottom of the zoom window Advanced> part of the screen. click share to share part of your screen.

Zoom options for screen sharing

When prompted, open the System settings on your Mac and off you go Security & data protection> Data protection.

Click in the sidebar Screen captureThen activate the Allow option Zoom to record your screen. You may need to restart zoom and share your screen again.

When you share your screen, you will return to Keynote and change the size of the sharing box according to yours Current slide. This is what users will see in your video conference. Click a space in Keynote, then use the Left and Correct Arrows to navigate through your presentation.

Keynote presentation with screen sharing square

When you're done, click Stop share at the top of the screen and end your zoom call.

How to share your Keynote window with Skype

Skype and Keynote don't work very well together. With Skype, you can share your Keynote window through a video call, but it won't work once you switch to full-screen presentation mode.

Instead, you can only share your Keynote screen in edit view. This means your keynote transitions and animations

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will not work. This also means that other people can see your Presenter Notes unless you read them in a separate app.

If you plan to do this, we recommend that you hide it format Click the brush icon to minimize the clutter on the screen. You should also adjust the zoom level so that your Keynote slides fill as much of the window as possible.

Main window without format window

Now start your Skype call and click on the two overlapping squares to reveal your screen.

Open that Split screen Dropdown menu and select to Share application window, then choose Keynote from the list of available apps.

Share application window in Skype

When prompted, open the System settings on your Mac and off you go Security & data protection> Data protection.

Click in the sidebar Screen captureThen activate the Allow option Skype to record your screen. You may need to restart Skype and share your screen again.

Do not enter presentation mode in Keynote. Use the navigation bar or the Above and Low Arrows to switch between your slides instead. When you start your full presentation, the people in your call cannot see it.

Other tools for online presentation

Keynote is an excellent app for creating stylish presentations with minimal effort. However, this is not the best option for online presentations. While it's possible to share your slides through Keynote Live, the screen sharing options in the app itself are rather limited.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other online presentation apps out there

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You can use it to improve your game. Each of these apps offers better tools for delivering a presentation using Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing apps than what you'll find in Keynote.

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