The Greatest Low-cost Wi-fi Keyboard Offers for Could 2020

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Working on a cramped laptop from home? Make the situation a little more bearable with a wireless keyboard. You also don't have to part with a small fortune to have one delivered (contactless): To mitigate the financial shock COVID-19 has inflicted on the nation, retailers have reduced essentials for the home office such as wireless mice and computer monitors and even laptops. We have a full article on the best home office deals, so we won't go through them here. Instead, we will use this area to highlight the best wireless keyboard deals currently available.

The best deals on wireless keyboards today

  • Logitech K360 wireless keyboard – – $ 25was $ 30
  • Logitech MK345 wireless keyboard + mouse – – $ 35was $ 50
  • Ergonomic wireless keyboard from Microsoft Sculpt – – $ 70was $ 80
  • Logitech G613 wireless gaming keyboard – – $ 74was $ 130
  • Apple Magic keyboard – – $ 94was $ 99
  • Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keyboard – – $ 119was $ 129

A beginner's guide to wireless keyboards

Combined with a desktop monitor and a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard can make any laptop the ultimate home workstation. The type of keyboard you choose depends entirely on your requirements. If you want to do something during the day before leaning back to fight to the end in Fortnite in the evening, you probably want something high-end model with mechanical switches. This leads to a faster response – less time between clicking the button and the character on the screen that performs the action. The name for this? Gaming keyboards (duh!).

Now what about us mortals who are just looking for a keyboard to get to the point? There are different possibilities. Something cheap is almost always enough and offers the wireless typing experience that so many of us long for. Raise your budget a little and you'll get close enough to the same hardware, but the buttons aren't that loud and loose. If you swivel to the top, take a keyboard with some resistance home with you. These provide the most satisfactory typing feedback because you have to press with at least an ounce of force for the word you're thinking to appear on the screen.

More home office

In addition, there are some unique features that wireless keyboards can have. Some are collapsible, which means they can be folded in half for easy portability. We recommend staying as far away from them as possible. If you don't part with a lot of money, they're often badly made and rattle around as you type. On a positive note, some wireless keyboards have an integrated numeric keypad (we're not kidding – they still exist!). These are especially useful if you spend a large part of your day in Microsoft Excel or other software where numbers are all the rage.

Do wireless keyboards need to be charged?

It depends on the type of wireless keyboard you have. Some are powered by disposable batteries. These do not have to be calculated. Others are powered by solar energy. These don't need to be charged, but require natural light to charge (if you isolate yourself in response to COVID-19, it's probably not a good idea to include one). The final type uses rechargeable batteries that – surprise, surprise – need to be charged. This can usually be done with a USB cable. These are usually not put out of operation when charging. They are not wireless, so to speak, while connected to a power source.

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