Players looking for an engaging VR experience have no shortage of titles to choose from these days. What was once a playful proof-of-concept playground has developed into an emerging marketplace full of haunting experiences.

HTC Vive is home to many of these games and offers users an extensive library of virtual reality experiences. If you've just recorded the Vive or you're an experienced VR player looking for your next adventure, you can't go wrong with any of the games below.

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Until you fall

Until You Fall is a rogue-like action game in which you keep on fighting the same enemy battle and improving your weapons and skills over time. Although the enemy models and environments can repeat themselves somewhat, the gameplay is anything but. Until you fall, use both motion controllers with one weapon in each hand. Instead of struggling with the arms and hoping for the best, Until You Fall offers a quick parry and lock system.

In many ways, it feels like a rhythm game. Each enemy type attacks in different ways and you have to anticipate every upcoming move. As you block and dodge, work slowly on your opponent's defenses and open up the opportunity for a devastating combination. Until you fall shows not only how well the sword game works in VR, but also how complicated it can be.


Gorn is a VR gladiator simulator from the developer of Broforce. The game doesn't take itself too seriously and calls the hostile animations on the Steam site "bad". As with many VR titles, Gorn occasionally feels broken, but in a charming way, and it is endlessly fun to play. Ruthlessly violent, you can send enemies at will, be it with swords, maces, knives, war hammers, and more.

It is also fully physics controlled so you can interact with the game world and your enemies in a variety of ways. You can plant a mace in an opponent's head or chop off a limb with a sword. Even when Gorn is so bloody and violent, it never gets too overwhelming. The comic graphics and constant jokes are enough to digest the brutality of the topic.

Swords from Gargantua

The virtual reality motion controllers are perfect for imitating sword fights. Swords of Gargantua is one of the best ways to live out your fantasy as a monster-killing warrior. With 100 single player missions and 30 weapons included, you won't run out of enemies to kill soon. With support for haptic feedback for swords, it will feel like you are really waving a weapon.

If you're tired of playing alone, you can fight against waves of enemies in a cooperative four-player game. Cross-platform compatibility gives you more potential teammates. At a reasonable price, it is currently one of the best values ​​for Vive.

Raw data

Raw Data is one of the best action games in VR and takes you into the future to defeat an evil conglomerate. Eden Corporation controls the world, but as an employee of SyndiK8 underground hacking group, you go straight into the walls of the company to decimate operations from the inside and extract as much data as possible.

The sci-fi setting is beautifully implemented and the action-oriented gameplay gives you complete control over a variety of weapons and nanotech powers. Raw Data is a challenging game that rewards players who use their entire arsenal of skills. You can play alone or with a friend to uncover the true motives of Eden.

Eagle flight

Eagle Flight shows the exploratory strengths of VR and allows you to take control of an eagle that hovers over the streets of Paris. In this world people died out 50 years ago and animals now have control over everything. Eagle Flight offers you a breathtaking view of historical sights such as the Eiffel Tower.

The action comes in when you fall down to ward off other animals trying to improve on your territory. The dogfights are exciting, but perhaps most interesting when played in the game's competitive multiplayer mode. Part of the appeal of VR is having experiences that you couldn't have had otherwise, and Ubisoft's Eagle Flight does just that.


Part of what makes virtual reality so exciting is its ability to control the player's senses in a way that screens simply cannot. No game illustrates this better than Thumper, a so-called "rhythmic" game in which players have control over a metal beetle that battles giant monsters on a psychedelic freeway. Players use simple, intuitive commands to avoid obstacles along the route, lean in bends and jump over rails.

The dangers synchronize with the game's soundtrack, which consists of militant drums and menacing soundscapes. Even with the distance a monitor grants, Thumper feels oppressive, but in virtual reality it becomes a dragging descent into hell. While the game environments look great in VR, the boss fights are really impressive. Massive, cosmic horrors are rarely as threatening as in VR.

Beat Saber

While it's not an officially licensed Star Wars game, it's easy to see where the inspiration for this action music game came from. With a pair of HTC Vive controllers, you hit blocks with light sabers in rhythm with catchy instrumental tracks. Cutting through these blocks may not be as satisfactory as killing a stormtrooper, but it's damn close.

Technically speaking, access is not yet complete, so more content, including a single player campaign, is expected later. Beat Saber currently has ten fantastic tracks and multiple difficulty levels to master. Do you remember when Guitar Hero conquered the world a long time ago? Beat Saber captures this magic in the VR room.

Elite dangerous

The Elite Dangerous Starfighter cockpit is a great way to justify a sedentary VR experience. Frontier planned to port the game to VR since Oculus DK1, and this iteration level is reflected in the polish of the end product.

Elite has the advantage of being a first mover, being one of the longest-developing Vive launch titles, and has already been successfully released on multiple platforms. This open world space game is a natural starting point for players who want a sophisticated, proven experience.



Boneworks is a narrative first-person shooter from Stress Level Zero, the same studio as Duck Season. In many ways, the game feels like a tech demo of what VR is capable of. Using an advanced physics engine, you'll have to solve puzzles, send enemies, and cross the sci-fi world in a creative way. You can also interact with almost anything in the game world, achieving a level of immersion that no other VR title could capture.

The interactions in Boneworks are most striking outside of the Half-Life-inspired narrative, which is worth mentioning in itself. When you see something, you can interact with it as you see fit. For example, you can use a crowbar to open a locker door or stuff a flying enemy into a trash can and close the lid. Similar to how Half-Life 2 showed how much physics can affect normal games, Boneworks shows how this can affect VR titles.

The Walking Dead: Saints and sinners

Outside of the Telltale titles, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is definitely the best Walking Dead game ever made, and it happens to be in VR. Saints and Sinners takes place in New Orleans, but instead of the city with excellent food and party pearls that many are familiar with, this version is dilapidated and full of zombies. To make matters worse, there are warring factions in the city and you're trapped in the middle.

If the topic doesn't emphasize the point enough, send your character to sleep with a bottle every night. Saints and Sinners perfectly captures the dark, moody tone of the TV series and also offers a convincing fight. Like Boneworks, Saints and Sinners show how powerful VR can be for games.

Pistol whip

Pistol Whip is technically a shooter, although it's fairer to call it a rhythm game. They automatically move through a linear corridor with just one pistol, shoot, dodge and hit like John Wick in a crowded tech demo. Although shooting is fun in itself, Pistol Whip sets its stages on music. The longer you set your attacks to the beat, the higher the score.

Like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip fits perfectly into the VR experience. Unlike other rhythm games that force you to a fixed beat, Pistol Whip lets you shoot your own music. Pistol Whip shines in the pulsating EDM tracks and shoots bullets through the air.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR turns an already innovative and exciting shooter puzzle game into an even more unforgettable experience on the Vive. The stop time mechanism reacts to movements of the player's hands with the Vive controllers. Thanks to the Vive's precise tracking system, fluid and precise movements can be carried out with little frustration.

The goal of Superhot VR is the same as the original – work your way through white spaces by dismembering enemies with calculated movements. Superhot VR gets your adrenaline pumping and really shows how impressive VR can be. For that it is probably the best experience on Vive.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite is a remake of the cult classic Rez from 2001 and a perfect VR adaptation, in which we feel that Rez is always meant for VR. Rez Infinite is still the on-rail shooter that takes players through a perilous computer network, but the all-encompassing chaos and enemies that you have to target in VR and shoot at pop.

There's also something about the way the changing environments – the lines, polygons, and bright flourishes – evolve when strapped into a headset. Combine the fast and tempting gameplay with the rhythmic soundtrack and you can easily dive into the HTC Vive. Rez has aged remarkably well, but Rez Infinite in VR is the best way to play the legendary game.

Serious Sam VR: The first encounter

The First Encounter extends the surprising success of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope and delivers a faithful remaster of the 2009 HD remake of the original entry in the series. The First Encounter supports both full locomotion and teleportation, allowing you to enjoy the fast-paced experience as you see fit.

The 15 campaign levels are even more fun than in the original thanks to the immersion of VR. You can also play cooperatively or online in arena style. There is also a horde mode that lets you connect with up to 15 other players to fight through waves of enemies.

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter offers full trackpad controls in Vive and successfully replicates the controller game while working more precisely.

Arizona sunshine

According to your radio, there are other survivors of the zombie apocalypse than you, and it is your job to undertake the strenuous journey through the southwestern heat to reach humanity. Yes, Arizona Sunshine is another game full of carnivorous zombies, but it's in VR.

Being chased by the undead will blase a lot less if you feel like you are really there. When exploring the vast, barren world of the game, a pack of zombies is never far away. The Arizona Sunshine campaign is playable solo and cooperatively. When you're done, there is an appropriate horde mode for up to four players.

Space pirate trainer

The Space Pirate Trainer stands out from the crowd of shooting galleries on the Vive through rigorous controls and a beautiful presentation that gives players an experience straight out of an 80s science fiction film.

The game takes place mostly on an isolated platform. The players hold the Vive controllers in their hands, each acting as an in-game weapon. These weapons can be set to perform a variety of actions so that you can shoot in shots or with powerful, loaded shots.

More and more difficult waves of robotic enemies are created, and you have to shoot them while dodging their attacks. However, this simple gameplay is surprisingly fun as it gets you moving and enables multitasking. There are few VR experiences that are more exciting than turning around incoming lasers and firing them back with your weapons turned.

Hover Junkers

While many of the titles currently available tend to appear more like proof of concept than anything else, Hover Junkers is a fully realized and exciting multiplayer experience that we loved. It solves the problem of moving in a confined space by turning your small play area into the deck of a hovercraft that you use to fly across the battlefield, collect garbage, and exchange explosions with your opponents. Collected garbage can be used to strengthen your body's defenses and create walls that you can crouch behind. Shooting and reloading are done with natural gestures.

Flying around, ducking under cover and shooting at your enemies is as intuitive and haunting as any first person shooter we've ever played. Hover Junkers is a fantastic ambassador for the genre.

Doom VFR

Few first person shooters have ever been as smooth, outrageous and fun as the 2016 Doom restart. It felt like a direct reaction to the overly serious and methodical tone of modern AAA titles when you did all the best on both original games.

Doom VFR – yes, the "F" means exactly what you think – adjusts the quick experience of exciting demons for VR, with a new story of a "cybernetic survivor" tasked to ward off a demonic invasion on Mars. Research Institute.

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Duck season

Duck Season takes you back to the summer of 1988. Your mother comes home with a stack of games for your Kingbit Entertainment System, many of which imitate classic NES games. Among other things, there is a Dunk Hunt clone. Unlike the other titles, you will be taken to the virtual world to hunt ducks. There, the legendary dog ​​from the original game still mocks you, but it seems more menacing than before. Obviously someone wearing a dog costume, the character becomes increasingly involved in the boy's life and eventually leaves the game world.

It should be made clear that Duck Season is a horror title, so be warned. That is all we will spoil, however. With multiple subplots, various mini-games, and seven unique endings, Duck Season is a creative, narrative experience built from the ground up for VR.


Take a break from the violence and lifelike struggle found in so many Vive games and instead relax in the tranquil world of Fujii. Partly narrative adventure, part garden simulator, explore the colorful, peaceful areas of Fujii and gradually restore the life of his biomes and interact with plants. When you travel and collect seeds, you can then plant them in your own home garden for an individual creation that differs from others.

Much of the joy in Fujii comes from its beautiful surroundings, which range from lush greenery to abstract white gardens and ponds with lily pads. The plants you grow even contain musical elements, and you can bring animals and smaller insects back to their new home in your garden.

Trover saves the universe

Trover Saves the Universe comes from the bizarre and eccentric spirit of Rick and Morty's co-creator Justin Roiland. Trover Saves the Universe is an adventure game that is completely independent of the hit show, but offers the same art direction and the same sense of humor. It offers various game options, including platform and combat. Meanwhile, you'll be pampered with Roiland's unique brand of sarcasm, and you can update Trover to support your adventure.

Trover saves the universe will continue to evolve over time. Future content for the game will be released for free and you will have options on how to play it. The game is fully compatible with Vive or you can play it on a conventional display.


If you've seen gravity and thought, "Gosh, I would like to see how scared I would be if I were stranded alone in space," Adr1ft gives you the opportunity to find out. At the start of the game, you wake up all alone in the vast silence of space.

Remains of your destroyed space station are floating around you, but you don't really understand the meaning of this event because you have no memory. Even worse, your oxygen suit is failing and is constantly threatened by death by suffocation in the void under the nameless stars.

The main attraction of Adr1ft is the breathtaking graphics. You will really feel like you are there. During the approximately four-hour experience, you will mostly see the surroundings as you try to save yourself more slowly. The controls can be rough, but Adr1ft is definitely worth a visit as a visual display.


Many virtual reality games rely on the first person perspective and let you embody the character you control, but Moss takes a different approach. The action-adventure game challenges you to control a little mouse from a third-person perspective, engage in battles, and move around the world as you would in a traditional game.

However, the world itself is under your control, and you can take advantage of this by solving puzzles and removing obstacles. Moss & # 39; storybook-like story and surroundings are also great for younger players, provided they can handle VR.

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Job Simulator: The Archive 2050

Life in 2050 is pretty boring. Every job has replaced people with robots, and now you feel a bit underwhelmed. To get busy, strap on a VR headset and see what it was like doing simple jobs. In Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives you can work as a clerk in a supermarket, as a mechanic, as a cook and as an office worker.

As banal as it may sound, it turns out that everyday tasks in VR are much more exciting. It helps that Job Simulator has a quirky sense of humor, but for the most part, the experience is excellent because almost everything you see is a point of interaction. It's a pleasure to just take, move and throw things in VR.

Vacation simulator

If you get tired of working in Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs is still busy with Vacation Simulator. The game takes the adventure to sunny beaches and snow-capped mountain peaks while you play ball, grill delicious meals, swim in the pool, or just play around. You can even go hiking, but without the insect bites and dirt that normally ruin such an experience. There are usually no robots hanging around when you go on a real vacation.

Vacation Simulator is a lighter VR game and causes fewer illness problems than more intensive offers. Owlchemy Labs' sense of humor is expressed in the new environment and it is a game that can only really exist in VR.

Star Trek: bridge crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is most able to make your dreams come true on the Enterprise. It does an extremely good job of capturing the essence of a Star Trek space battle in VR. You explore the stars and the universe with a team of four on board your spaceship.

One pilot controls the ship, another serves as an engineer and another makes tactical decisions. The fourth teammate is the captain who oversees all work on a global level. As a team-oriented experience, Bridge Crew is at its best when you have three friends to play with. If you're interested in Star Trek from afar and have someone to play with, don't miss it.

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Accounting +

Is virtual reality a good medium for comedy? Accounting, a short adventure game written by Rick and Morty inventor Justin Roiland, is a strong case for that. Navigating through many colorful, disturbed levels of reality, players can grab and move objects around the world, and for the most part they just have to mess around with their surroundings.

While the mechanics may not be memorable, the writing is certain. This short but memorable VR vignette will undoubtedly be populated by bizarre characters who speak in sprawling, absurd dialogues, fans of the show or animated comedy in general.

Silicon Valley: In the hacker hostel

The HBO show Silicon Valley gives you an insight into the most malfunctioning technology company in the world, Pied Piper, and with the free Silicon Valley: In the hacker hostel game, you can be a cogwheel in the barely oiled machine.

The game features some of the biggest characters in the series, including Jared, Jian Yang, Big Head, Richard, Dinesh, and Gilfoyle, as well as a fully functional bong in case you need something that inspires you a little creatively.


role playing game

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 is one of the most ambitious role-playing games of all time, combining an improved combat system with Bethesda's legendary world building and quest design. Fallout 4 VR brings you into play to make your vault dreams come true in virtual reality – not just a small part of the game, but the entire experience.

With the Stop-and-Go V.A.T.S. Fallout 4 VR is a combat system and has a slower movement speed than comparable virtual reality titles. It can be played over long periods of time. Given the size of the Bethesda world and the amount of content, this is a very good thing.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Nobody can create an open world like Bethesda Game Studios, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be the developer's masterpiece. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, you can experience the entire game in virtual reality, and it looks even better on HTC Vive than on platforms like PlayStation VR.

Traveling through Skyrim and fighting Draugr in secret caverns feels more haunting than in the original game, and you can really become the character you created. Every decision has a newly discovered sense of weight and importance, and every fight is all the more important.

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Keep talking and no one will explode

Virtual reality headsets appear to be an isolating experience at first. Although it is possible to mirror the visual elements to the people around you on a screen, there is no way to convey the same experience that you have. Keep talking and no one will explode is a unique multiplayer experience that gives people who don't have a headset the chance to participate.

The game instructs the player wearing the headset to disarm a bomb with inputs from other players. The problem? Only the player wearing the headset can see the bomb. To deactivate it, the main player has to describe the various modules of the bomb, while the other players consult a long manual that contains instructions on what to do.

The result is a tense and often hectic experience when players shout at each other while the clock is running. The modules that appear on the bomb appoint players with various tasks, such as translating Morse code or playing memory games, and communication is critical. it can also collapse quickly. The asymmetrical gameplay of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is great fun and offers a much needed template for socially oriented VR games.

Fantastic invention

The Vive's motion controls and the use of actual physical space open up some exciting opportunities for games where you can really get your hands dirty, and Fantastic Contraption is a perfect example. Based on a flash game of the same name from 2008, Fantastic Contraption requires you to use simple components such as wheels and bars to construct devices that move a target through the level and into the target area. It is conceptually reminiscent of the old Incredible Machine series, but has simpler components and a stronger focus on physics.

Unlike its predecessor, where you simply used the mouse to connect parts and construct 2D devices, you can now edit components directly in 3D with your hands. The concept is wonderful to translate into the new medium, and it's good to get on your hands and knees to tinker with your device.

Mr. Mercedes Lair Escape

Why pay money to go to an escape room when you can experience the same thrill and frustration from the comfort of your living room? In Mr. Mercedes Lair Escape, a puzzle based on the AT&T television show and Steven King's novel, you have to escape a closed hideaway before the time runs out, and the footage from the show's set was used directly in the experience. It's a disturbing and dark escape room setting that borders on psychological horror, which makes it even more stressful to actually figure out how to leave the room.


Tetris effect

Tetris Effect is a great and completely original version of the classic puzzle game and shows how important the visual and acoustic cues of a game can be for the design of the experience. In the simplest case, the Tetris effect is still a classic Tetris effect, but the Tetris effect uses crescendos and your own movements to shape the game's soundtrack. If you continue to delete lines and go through different phases, the parts will change the design, as will the environments behind them.

The Tetris effect takes its name from the phenomenon that players see parts wherever they look – even in their dreams – even after they have dropped the game. For this reason, HTC Vive is the perfect place to experience the game as you will still see blocks fall when you close your eyes.

Social and creative

Richie's plank experience

Many people are at least a little afraid of heights, especially when they're near a skyscraper with no barrier to prevent them from falling. In Richie's Plank Experience, you can try to overcome this fear by walking 80 stories in the air on a narrow wooden board.

The developers even suggest using a real wooden plank in your play area, and you can adjust the dimensions of the in-game plank to match the dimensions you use in real life.

hobby room

Rec Room is a social VR experience and offers players the opportunity to play colorful mini-games with other players. If you control an avatar, you can play basketball, soccer, paintball, disc golf, charades and more. All of this is played with VR on a room scale that really immerses you in the action.

The Rec Room is one of the more relaxed experiences that the HTC Vive offers. Since this is an early entry point, more mini-games are likely to be added over time. Derzeit kann Rec Room kostenlos heruntergeladen und gespielt werden, was es für HTC Vive-Besitzer zu einem Kinderspiel macht.



Tilt Brush ist an sich kein Spiel, aber es ist leicht eine der faszinierendsten und medienspezifischsten Anwendungen, die derzeit für das Vive verfügbar sind. Diese Google-eigene App verwendet die beiden Motion Controller als Pinsel und Palette, sodass Sie im 3D-Raum malen können.

Tilt Brush verfügt noch nicht über alle Werkzeuge, die Sie möglicherweise benötigen, um es zu einem professionellen Arbeitstier zu machen (wie die Möglichkeit, geometrische Standardformen zu erstellen), aber es ist dennoch eine fantastische und intuitive Möglichkeit, Ideen schnell zu skizzieren 3D. Im Gegensatz zu vielen der bisher veröffentlichten Spiele, bei denen vorhandene Genres einfach in VR portiert werden, ohne das Gameplay grundlegend zu verändern, ist VR-Malen und -Skulpturieren eine kategorisch andere Erfahrung und hat das Potenzial, ein enorm wichtiger Sektor der Branche zu werden.

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