The Finest Web sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist has been the premier website for evaluating a free sofa or finding an available apartment (and sometimes for white van scams) for years. However, there are many other free services that do just as well, often with a more attractive user interface and fewer spam posts. They may not offer the sheer number of listings or familiarity of Craigslist, or even the ability to pay with Bitcoin, but they do offer a new audience and additional options not offered elsewhere.

Whether you're just looking for a used computer to buy or you want to post your ad both online and in print, here are our top tips for the top five Craigslist online classifieds alternatives.


Facebook Marketplace has been around for years, but the company relaunched the feature in late 2016. You need a Facebook profile to get started. However, buyers and sellers can interact with the marketplace through their Facebook profiles and add a name (and often a face) to a listing, as opposed to the anonymous Craigslist format. The marketplace is also available via the Facebook app.

Just set your filter options and search your local marketplace up to 500 miles from your current location. It's also a popular place for advertising rentals. So stop by if you are looking for a new place to live.

Screenshot of the OfferUp websiteScreenshot

OfferUp is relatively new and offers a helpful app for Android and iPhone. One of our favorite features is the Make Offer option, which allows you to negotiate a lower price with a seller. If an item hasn't sold in a few days, it may be more comfortable asking someone to lower the price. OfferUp also allows users to rate each other using a simple five-star system so that individuals can buy and sell more safely.

Locanto screenshotScreenshot

Locanto is basically Craigslist, but with a far better user interface. The search options are familiar to anyone who has used Craigslist, but they now offer beautiful menus, search bars, and buttons that make the entire experience far more enjoyable than the tiny text from Craigslist. Search by product, state, city, popular hashtag, and more – or set search notifications for what you really want to find. Likewise, the Post Free Ad option is easy and smart to use when you're ready to create an account or sign in with your Google Account. As with Craigslist, there are options to find everything from jobs and events to personals and homes.

Mercari screenshotScreenshot

If your main goal is to buy and sell goods, Mercari is a listing app that allows you to get rid of all unnecessary extras and focus on buying and selling. The design and functionality of the app (and website) are excellent, and Mercari makes it easy to work with with a fast shipping system that greatly expands the number of people you can reach. Yes, there is a 10% sales fee and some other possible seller fees, but the added functionality makes this worthwhile. On the buy side, it's a great place to find cheap second-hand tech, discounted clothing, and lots of other items.

With Recycler, users can create ads for their products and list them at different prices. It is active in the USA. You can enter the city or town of your choice and the distance you want to search for. These types of setting options make Recyclers very easy to use. You can quickly navigate through a variety of clear categories and sub-categories to find what you want, set price ranges, or just search for major city if you prefer. A number of companies often advertise their used goods on the website as well.

For each ad, you can either save it or – for registered users – contact the ad owner immediately for further information. We also love that website design allows you to navigate ads so quickly if you're looking for the right product.

In addition, Recycler works with a nationwide network of print publications, so you can place the same ad online as you would in print. This list of available publications is pretty limited, but the ad presence is still the ad presence.

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