The Finest VoIP Providers for 2020

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a popular alternative to the fixed network, especially in the business world. VoIP providers offer digital telephone services that rely on the Internet for voice and video calls. The main advantages of VoIP are that you can make long-distance calls at a very affordable price and benefit from a faster connection compared to a conventional landline connection.

A VoIP service is worth considering if you run a small business or make a lot of international phone calls. However, comparing different VoIP providers can be challenging if you are not familiar with the technology. We compared different VoIP services to help you find the best provider for your needs.

The best VoIP services at a glance:



RingCentral is a California-based VoIP company with offices around the world. The network backbone is also located in the United States. However, due to the company's main location, you shouldn't notice any major delay. It is one of the top rated VoIP services on the market and offers prices that make it competitive with contemporaries.

RingCentral is particularly suitable for the average company and offers all the helpful functions that a company needs. This includes unlimited calls and audio conferencing, toll-free numbers, and support for up to 20 users at the cheapest rates. Internet fax, unlimited users, video conferencing, automatic call recording and many other useful functions offer higher prices.

RingCentral claims that customers can set up their office with the service in “minutes, not days”. Even though this is a particularly hopeful estimate, it cannot be denied that the company has a lot of experience in connecting companies with the VoIP services they need, which makes it a simple recommendation.

Pricing starts at $ 30 per user per month for the Essentials package and increases to $ 60 per user per month for the Ultimate package. If you pay annually, you will also get discounts on these prices.



The GoToConnect approach is particularly suitable for small businesses and offers voice services that can be used indefinitely. This means that there are no additional fees for exceeding monthly usage. It is also available in five price levels, so companies can scale the service as needed.

GoToConnect, formerly Jive Voice, lists all the functions you can get, e.g. For example, call forwarding, phone number extensions, virtual voicemail, virtual faxing, screen sharing, and more. There are even more specific functions for unique modern business situations, such as call monitoring, which a supervisor can use to eavesdrop on a conversation and speak to the agent – ideal for call centers. Hot desking changes to different desks or devices in a flatter organization on the go.

After all, pricing is very reasonable. The service costs $ 20 per user per month if companies plan to have 50 or more. The price increases per user as the number of users decreases, and costs $ 30 per user per month for one to four users.

8 × 8

8x8 VoIP service8×8

8 × 8 offers plans that are great for small and medium businesses. Packages offer many functions that we have already discussed, e.g. For example, unlimited calls, auto-attendant, call handling, intelligent call forwarding, and mobile compatibility, including business SMS options.

However, 8 × 8 also adds integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Netsuite. This is a great blessing for companies that actively use CRM platforms to collect and organize their data. If CRM is particularly important for this phase of your business, 8 × 8 may be the best option for you.

A disadvantage is that some useful functions, such as B. call recording are included behind more expensive packages. The company prefers when you get an official offer, but the cost is usually between $ 12 and $ 45 per user per month.

Verizon Business Digital Voice

Person on a call at a deskBerkeley Communications / Unsplash

If your business continues to grow and you want a bigger service tailored to your professional needs, Verizon is here to help.

Verizon is typically known for its wireless service and also offers a full-featured VoIP platform tailored for growing and larger businesses. There are many standard functions such as hold, transfer, wait, call transfer and ID for incoming callers. It also includes advanced features such as multiple monitoring options, voicemail to email services, and online portals that allow administrators, IT specialists, and agents to control the service.

In addition, with a range of mobile functions, you can operate almost everything from mobile devices and switch from the desktop client if necessary. If your office needs more down-to-earth hardware, Verizon also offers direct sales of phones and phone devices, all of which are compatible with its services.

Packages start at 1-10 VoIP lines for $ 35 a month. The monthly price decreases with an increasing number of lines. However, according to the small print at the bottom of the website, Verizon only guarantees these prices under contracts with automatic renewal for a period of years, so a long-term commitment may be required. And even then, the promotional prices go up after the end of the first contract.

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