The Finest Scanners for 2020

Today's digital scanners are characterized by advanced image optimization and the ability to transfer PDF files to the cloud storage of your choice immediately. They are an ideal choice when a mobile scanning app just doesn't work. Our best choice for scanners is Canon's CanoScan LiDE 400 Slim Scanner, which offers decent resolution and cloud compatibility in a slim, space-saving package for around $ 90.

If your scanning requirements are more complex than the CanoScan LiDE 400 Slim Scanner, keep scrolling and look at one of the other scanners in this list. You are sure to find one that suits your needs and budget.

At a glance

The best

Canon CanoScan LiDE 400 slim scanner USA, Inc.

If your requirements are low and you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new scanner, this friendly Canon model should be much faster. For a fairly reasonable $ 90, it offers an auto-scan mode, 4,800 x 4,800 dpi resolution, color recovery, dust removal options, and built-in PDF buttons. This also includes cloud compatibility with services such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

At 8 seconds per page, this scanner is faster than previous CanoScan scanners, but still not the fastest option for those who need to scan multiple pages. However, it does include automated features that make it easier to manage scan jobs, such as: B. Identification options to identify the type of digitized document and quick scan buttons for larger PDF projects. All in all, it is a versatile scanner that is at home on a desk or in a private study.

The rest

Best high-performance scanner: Brother ImageCenter ADS-2800W

Weighing an impressive $ 498, this Brother model is waiting for every job or demanding scan project in a busy office. This includes settings for all types of documents, including plastic cards, and several options for saving scanned pages in separate files, all in one file, or for direct scanning in places like Google Drive. This scanner is fast and durable and can process up to 40 single or double-sided pages per minute in continuous scan mode. It has a 3.7-inch touchscreen display and direct scanning to Evernote, Box and Google Drive, Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi networks and much more.

The touchscreen control panel also offers you a variety of options, including many important image functions – such as automatic page cleaning and staining and removal of major errors if necessary. There are a number of driver options for more sophisticated business scan setups and enterprise-level security for protection. It is a professional scanner that works for years no matter how demanding the project is. However, companies should note that the scan width is inherently limited so that especially large documents or cards cannot be processed.

Best mobile scanner: Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Mobile Scanner

For those who like the idea of ​​a mobile scanner, this Visioneer model weighing only 1.1 pounds is one of the best portable scanners ever. It has many of the same features as a more expensive office scanner, including scanning both sides of the page at the same time, the ability to share scans, and a continuous feed mode for fast work. However, they sacrifice portability: at 300 dpi, scanning a page takes around 8 seconds.

It's a great solution for scanning receipts and other items at home with a device that is suitable for occasional use and can move around when needed. However, please note that it is only USB power. You will need a computer, laptop, or other nearby USB port to use it. The scanner works with both PC and Mac and costs a cool $ 110.

Best printer / scanner combination: Epson WorkForce ES-400

Maybe you're looking for a high-performance office printer, but for less money than some models we've tested. This WorkForce model costs $ 250, but still offers a reliable, professional scanner with excellent technical data. These specifications include scanning speeds of up to 35 pages per minute (at 300 dpi), double-sided scanning and a 50-page document feeder.

Cloud scan options offer uploads to Drive, Evernote, SharePoint and other popular options. You can also enable some smart scanning options such as automatic cropping and blank page removal, although it's not as feature-rich as some of our other choices. However, it does include features such as Epson SmartScan software, which allows users to organize, preview, upload, and email scanned documents or images. This offers added value for increasing productivity.

Best high quality photo scanner: Epson Perfection V800

Epson Perfection V800

The Perfection V800 is a reliable choice if you need high-quality photo or image scans in addition to scanning documents. It offers a scan resolution of up to 6,400 dpi to capture every detail, as well as excellent color replication, although this quality isn't cheap for $ 899. You can also choose between two different lenses, with an extra high-resolution lens to further improve the quality. The best thing is that you can start scanning without warming up. While not included with the primary scanner, users who want to take the best scans for black and white photography can purchase a proprietary fluid mount tray.

The model also has several additional photo-taking features, including a range of film holders, software to adjust the results, intelligent dust and scratch removal to remove errors in physical photos, and much more. On the other hand, there is no feed option for quickly scanning documents. Therefore, photos must be your main focus. Users who take this into account will be amazed by the film holders included in the scanner, including 6 x 20 cm, 4 x 5 inches, 35 mm negatives and 35 mm slides.

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