The Finest Mechanical Keyboards for 2020

Mechanical keyboards are one of the most popular among typists and gamers. They offer the fastest, most accurate switches, great RGB lighting, and fantastic durability. But even among the best mechanical keyboards, some simply surpass all others. Our favorite is this Logitech G Prowhich has a great compact design, excellent switches and beautiful lighting.

If this isn't what you want, there are other fantastic keyboards out there that are worth considering. Check them out below!

The best mechanical keyboards

The best mechanical keyboard overall:
Logitech G Pro Gaming

It might be aimed at gamers, but the Logitech G Pro is a fantastic keyboard whether you're breaking enemies or typing frantically. In fact, it got a near-perfect score when we tested it in mid-2017.

For this model, Logitech ditched the age-old Cherry MX switches for its own Romer-G switches with a lower profile and faster response. They hold up to 70 million keystrokes and are subjected to strict tests. The sturdy frame includes rubber feet to keep your keyboard from slipping out of position at a crucial moment, and three different angles depending on what your wrists prefer most. The result is a compact, high-performance mechanical keyboard that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're customizing the RGB LED backlighting (the onboard memory can hold multiple profiles) or remapping the buttons, the tools are intuitive and powerful. You can even create customized profiles for individual games so that the Pro G reacts exactly how you want it to act as soon as you start playing.

Thanks to the combination of fast – and surprisingly quiet – switches, a compact and lightweight package for LAN games, RGB backlighting, and a non-exorbitant price tag, the Logitech G Pro gaming keyboard has been our mechanical board of choice for quite some time.

Best mechanical keyboard for games:
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

While Razer makes all kinds of great hardware like the Razer Blade, its high-profile peripherals – such as world-class mechanical keyboards – are still the be-all and end-all. Our latest Razer favorite is the BlackWidow Chroma V2, a mechanical keyboard with RGB LED Backlight, multiple switch options, and improved aesthetics over their predecessors.

Sporting Razer's in-house mechanical switches and fully programmable buttons let you configure the Chroma V2 exactly how you want it, whether it's custom RGB lighting, bespoke macro buttons, or the feel of the buttons under your fingertips.

Loop-through ports for microphone and headphones, plus a USB-A port, make cable management easier and result in a cleaner desk. The entire keyboard is powered by Razer's excellent Synapse software that gives you precise control over every aspect. It will also sync with any other Synapse-supporting Razer product you own.

Best mechanical keyboard for professionals:
Das Keyboard 4 Professional

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional was developed in Germany and manufactured in America. It stands out from everyone else in the Das range. It has a standard 104-button layout with multimedia buttons on the top right and an attractive dial that allows you to optimize the system volume with just one turn. It shows a full rollover of the n keys so you can press as many keys as you want without stopping.

In addition, the gold-plated Cherry MX keys of the 4 Professional are designed for more than 50 million keystrokes, which is now a standard for mechanical keyboards. The keycaps even have a new Das Keyboard font for a refined look and easier reading.

The ergonomics and aesthetics are retained regardless of the key switches you choose, but the tactile feedback and active response rate are entirely up to you. We prefer the Cherry MX Blue key switches because of the satisfactory audible click. However, check out the brown or red key switches if you're looking for something quieter with less action.

Best mechanical keyboard without number pad:
Logitech G Pro X.Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard.

Logitech's G Pro X keyboard is both an evolution of the traditional G Pro and an unnecessary upgrade if you don't need its main selling point: interchangeable switches. This keyboard supports Logitech's own GX switches in blue, brown and red as well as a full suite of Cherry MX switches and allows individual keys to be swapped. That means you can fully customize your keyboard like no other, so you can use this keyboard effectively as long as the parts remain available.

In addition to the switches, the replaceable USB cable eliminates another potential point of failure. Overall, the G Pro X is super compact, great for gaming and typing, and has a subtle and well-designed backlight. The media buttons could use a little more love, but they're better than having no controls at all.

Unfortunately, the Logitech keyboard is a bit expensive. If you don't want the interchangeable switches, the standard G Pro is just as good for less. However, if interchangeable switches stimulate your imagination, this keyboard is just awesome.

Best mechanical keyboard for RGB:
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair was once known to many as a memory manufacturer. Some of the world's finest mechanical keyboards for gamers and typists are now being made. A good example is the K95 Platinum, the top of this clicking mountain that offers some of the best functionality of any keyboard on the market.

The K95 is available with a choice of Cherry MX switches – Brown or Speed ​​(Silver) – and a choice of Black or Gunmetal Gray finishes. It has RGB backlighting with extensive customization options, built-in memory for profiles and a number of dedicated, structured macro keys. The frame is made from anodized brushed aluminum and includes a removable palm rest, one of the most durable designs we've seen.

Probably the best part of the whole package, however, is that it is supported by the Corsair utility engine. The backend software is hands down the best out there, offering an easy to understand interface that allows deeper customization than most for backlighting and key remapping.

The only downside to the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is the price. Even then, the money is well spent.

Best mechanical keyboard for Macs:
Vinpok Taptek keyboardVinpok Taptek keyboard impressions

Keyboard options for macOS users are far more restrictive than those of their Windows counterparts, but they don't exist. Some of them, like the Vinpok Taptek, can be surprisingly good. This model features MacOS mechanical switches and a compact design at a price that isn't too extravagant – especially when compared to the cost of many official Apple accessories.

The construction is solid, compact and thin. The main body of the keyboard is made from a single piece of aluminum, although it certainly isn't bulky. Despite the mechanical switches underneath, thin keycaps ensure a slim and easy-to-carry design. Each button is individually illuminated and supports several preset effects. Since it was designed for macOS, you'll find dedicated command, function, and option keys (though it also has interchangeable keys and support for Windows, iOS, and Android).

Those who like to tinker with the backlighting will also appreciate the 19 RGB backlighting options. The keyboard can be used in either wireless or wired mode, so there is no downtime while charging.

It might not be perfect, but the Taptek is one of the best macOS keyboards available. The solid construction and portable size make it easy to recommend.

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