The Finest MacBook Air Circumstances and Covers

The Macbook Air is a great example of slim computing. Apple's latest model is even more powerful than ever, but the thin and light design compromises durability. Fortunately, there are some third-party products that can protect your laptop.

To keep your investment safe, consider using a case, cover, or case. Below we list the best ones that we think you will love. Most models work with the A1932 and A2179 models with Touch ID. If you're not sure which model you have, check the tiny print on the bottom.


AmazonBasics laptop sleeve (all)

If you've used up all of your budget on the MacBook Air yourself, you don't have to break the bank for a simple case. This Amazon listing is the best compromise between price and quality, a no-frills sleeve made of soft, stretchy neoprene with a single zip at the top. Even with the MacBook Air inside, the case has space.

Unfortunately, there is also no strap or handle, so you'll need a separate bag. Still, this case is worth a look for the price. It is available in black, blue, gray, navy and purple color options.

Inateck MacBook Air Sleeve (A1932 / A2179)

Inateck MacBook Air Sleeve

Do you want a chic cover for your chic MacBook Air? Inateck's chic accessory has a high-quality felt housing that not only looks good, but also absorbs shocks. The main compartment offers additional protection and uses soft flannel to keep the MacBook Air scratch-free during storage.

In addition, a second compartment on the outside can hold additional items such as books, a tablet, etc. Two additional back pockets offer space for an iPhone and headphones. This case even comes with an additional smaller felt pouch to carry a mouse.

If you need a similar case for an older MacBook Air, our previous choice should work with models A1465, A1370, A1304, and A1237.


iBenzer Hexpact high-performance protective cover (A1932 / A2179)

Ibenzer Hexpact

Apple's MacBook Air is slim and thin, but delicate. The high-performance case from iBenzer is required for owners who are used to sturdier and thicker laptops. Made of TUP and polycarbonate, it is designed for heavy falls up to 4 feet and general abuse by dissipating all impact throughout the honeycomb body.

Available in black, blue and clear, it's not meant to be attractive, although the blue version is probably our favorite design. As shown above, the bottom has a more nifty honeycomb design, while the top shows more of the MacBook Air's lid. It also includes black rubber buffers and lower underrun protection.

ProCase protective cover with collapsible stand (A1932 / A2179)

ProCase cover with stand

While the iBenzer case aims for rugged durability, this case from ProCase is more about style and ease of use. The big advantage is the collapsible stand that tilts the MacBook Air upwards for better viewing and a more comfortable typing experience. Rubberized feet prevent it from shuffling across the table in stand mode.

The housing itself has a semi-transparent shell, which is framed by a shock-absorbing all-round bumper. The bottom has a similar bumper that protects the MacBook Air from all angles. Ventilation slots on the bottom ensure proper heat dissipation so you don't have to worry about overheating.

This case is available in gray, black, khaki, light blue and rose red.


Mosiso watercolor marble shell and sleeve pocket (A1932 / A2179)

Mosiso watercolor marble shell

When only one case is required, Mosiso offers a variety of colorful solutions to protect many different MacBook Air models. In this case we chose a case with a nice blue design to give the laptop an extra flair. However, this package also contains two matching keyboard skins, webcam covers, a screen protector and a sleeve pocket. Not bad for the price!

The hard plastic shell clicks into place on the lid – there is no lower part like other shell offers. The supplied sleeve pocket offers three layers of protection: a water-repellent exterior made of peony polyester, an impact-resistant sponge on the edges and a soft inner lint pillow. Four small inner pockets keep the MacBook Air in place.

Top case rubberized hard shell (A1932 / A2179)

Top case rubberized shell

In contrast to Mosiso's bundle, this rubberized hard shell contains two matching parts: one for the lid and one for the bottom. Both snap into place without much fuss and are easy to remove to remove any debris underneath. Built-in vents on the lower part allow proper heat output.

The point of this shell is a basic, cheap protection against scratches. It's sleek, durable, and semi-transparent, and it sells in 17 different colors, including hot blue, hot pink, wine red, and more. The company also offers a version for customizable graphics at a higher price. Just upload an image to preview the resulting case coverage.

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