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If you're using a Windows PC, you may have discovered a variety of apps to improve your experience and improve your computer's performance. However, with so many categories and apps available, you may find it difficult to find the best apps for your specific needs.

To help you choose, we've compiled a list of the best Windows apps for every type of user, whether you want better productivity or want to be entertained.




Are you trying to refresh your language skills? Do you need some help for a language course? Are you planning a trip to a foreign country? This free app may be just what you need to prepare. It is a language learning app with countless gamification features and numerous rewards and achievements for a variety of tests. Due to the extremely casual nature of the app, you can use it for minutes and still learn something. So try them out.


Not everyone needs or uses OneDrive, especially given the often associated fees. If your company or school prefers Dropbox as the cloud storage solution of choice, there is an app for it. With this nifty software, you can display your pictures or videos using a grid or as a list when dealing with documents. With the free basic tariff you get 2 GB of free space.

Microsoft to do

If you don't have an app to plan, create lists, and collaborate yet, Microsoft To Do is an excellent option for you. With the app you can increase your productivity and reduce your stress. It comes with a focused My Day view that includes a personalized daily planner with suggested tasks. Other cool features include syncing tasks between Outlook email and tasks.

Skype for Windows

Skype is still one of the most popular chat clients for long distance communication. It's another example of an app that integrates very well with Windows 10. Chances are if you already use a video chat service at home or at work. You know exactly what to download. If you haven't had much video chatting in the past and want to explore this way of communicating with friends and family, Skype is a good place to start, and you should give this app a try.

A version of Skype is already integrated in Windows. However, with the official desktop app, you can also share pictures, sign up for translation, and share your screen for troubleshooting.

Microsoft sticky notes

With this app you can create digital sticky notes as a reminder and then place them on your desktop screen. Of course, the latest version also includes some new tools, including the ability to pin your stickies to your home screen, take notes with your Surface Pen, and link notes to websites or documents for additional information. You can even sync your sticky notes on your Windows devices and view them on the web.


Fresh color

Fresh Paint Windows 10 app screenshotScreenshot

Fresh Paint was popular on Windows 8, but even better on Windows 10. With the paint application, you can choose from a variety of palettes and activity packs to color designs or work from scratch, or you can upload your own graphics and apply filters or colors in the style of your choice. The software may not – and should not – take the exact place of Photoshop, but it is an entertaining and very useful program in and of itself.

Open the Live Writer

Do you prefer a more desktop-oriented program to shape your latest blog entry or website? Open Live Writer is designed to do just that. Inside, you can create text, photo, or video postings and then post them to your website whenever you want. The app also works with WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and other website builders. It even has a simple surface for marking and planning, which may save you additional time in the long run.


Would you like more interesting effects for your photos than the usual apps? Before uploading to Instagram, take a look at Fused, which blends background and foreground photos for different effects. It would take a long time to use all the options, but this can make your photos look fantastic with the right work. If you want to create your own backgrounds or just want to post impressive photos, check out what Fused has to offer.

Adobe Photoshop Express

While you may have to pay to access the full suite of Adobe, a free version of Photoshop is available for Windows 10. Aptly titled Express gives you limited access to Photoshop's photo editing tools, so you can do a lot of custom work. It is a very useful tool if you are familiar with Photoshop and want to work on some images but do not want or want to access all the functions of the application. Note that you need Adobe ID login for this app to work.


VLC media player

VLC Media Player Windows 10 app screenshotScreenshot

For many users, VLC is an old standby mode that processes almost every popular video format that you can use. The media player can play pretty much any video file copied from a common source, including discs and network streaming protocols. If you use a lot of media on your computer, this is a great addition to your arsenal.


If your computer is more of an entertainment box than a productivity box, we recommend downloading the Netflix app so that you can quickly access it directly from your desktop. And now that Netflix is ​​syncing across devices – for example, if you watch something on your computer, you can end it on your Xbox One – these apps are even more versatile. Of course, if you're not a Netflix fan, there are official apps for Hulu and other services.


Everyone has their favorite music service, so don't hesitate to replace the app you prefer here. Pandora has developed a powerful app for desktop and mobile devices that allows you to easily stream your favorite music. The app is also compatible with Xbox One and is generally Windows friendly than Spotify.


Since Microsoft is working to bring together as much Xbox and Windows gameplay as possible, this app offers some unique features, such as: B. the ability to stream games or movies from Xbox One to your PC. The app also has social and sharing features so you can quickly share game clips or join clubs. It's already built into your Windows 10 PC and no additional download is required.

Social media


Screenshot of the Instagram Windows 10 appScreenshot

You probably don't need a reminder to download social apps like Facebook, but we still want to mention Instagram's Windows app, which offers a lot more features than a website. The app isn't always updated by Facebook, but it provides basic access to most Instagram features in the iOS or Android versions of the app. This includes access to Instagram stories and the Instagram feed as well as news and the search function. It is a nice desktop companion.


If you or your friends use WhatsApp, you deserve this clean desktop version that allows you to easily conduct multiple detailed chats at the same time. The app also offers full synchronization, so you can get conversations on any other device when you need it, without worrying that the conversation won't update properly.

News and feeds


Flipboard Windows 10 app screenshotScreenshot

Flipboard is a message aggregator designed to explore and read tiles and is perfect for Windows 10. You can use it to create a personalized magazine from specific sources or general topics, which enables a perfect mix of specificity. After you've created your magazine, simply check in again to see the latest news. This saves you time and allows you to curate your news sources in as much detail as you want.

Microsoft News

If you use your PC all day, you may want to keep an eye on the news. The Microsoft News app on Windows 10 is a great way to do this. After installation, you can configure your settings to retrieve messages from the most trusted sources across the web. Microsoft editors also curate the most trusted and interesting stories before adding them to the app. However, you can always choose which topics or sources you want to view. You can even configure notifications for the latest news and synchronize your settings on the Internet and in the apps on iOS and Android. The app works in 20 different countries and collects content from over 3,000 publications.



Dashlane Windows 10 app screenshotScreenshot

Dashlane remains one of the most popular password managers thanks to its simple setup process and user-friendly design. While the app is somewhat invasive – after all, it really wants to know all of your passwords – it is also one of the best ways to collect and protect passwords from a variety of sources. It is also optimized for Windows 10.

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