The Final Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Switch between modes, run formulas, and become a mathematician with all of these Windows Calculator shortcuts.

Windows Calculator has been around for more than 35 years, having first appeared in Windows 1.0 in 1985. You may have used it to solve some buzz.

Over the years, Windows Calculator has evolved beyond just adding and subtracting. You can now use it in different modes like science and graph, and convert things like currency, temperature and weight.

If you want to be a mathematician, you have to use your calculator like a pro. That's why we've put together this ultimate list of Windows Calculator keyboard shortcuts that will help you get the answer you need as quickly as possible.

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Windows Calculator keyboard shortcuts

abbreviation action
Alt + 1 Switch to standard mode
Alt + 2 Switch to scientific mode
Alt + 3 Switch to graphics mode
Alt + 4 Switch to programming mode
Alt + 5 Switch to date calculation mode
Ctrl + M. Save in memory
Ctrl + P. Add to storage
Ctrl + Q. Subtract from memory
Ctrl + R. Callback from memory
Ctrl + L. Clear memories
Clear Delete current input
Esc Completely clear input
tab Navigate to the next UI element and give it focus
Space bar Selects a UI element with focus
Enter Choose =
F9 Select +/-
R. Choose 1 / x
@ Select 2√x
%. Choose %
Ctrl + H. Select the History button
Up arrow Move up
Down arrow Move down
Ctrl + Shift + D. Clear story
Scientific mode
F3 Choose DEG
F4 Choose WHEEL
F5 Choose DEGREE
G Choose 2x
Ctrl + G. Choose 10x
S. Choose 10x
Shift + S. Choose sin-1
Ctrl + S. Choose sinh
Ctrl + Shift + S. Choose sinh-1
T. Choose tan
Shift + T. Choose tan-1
Ctrl + T. Choose tanh
Ctrl + Shift + T. Choose tanh-1
Ö Choose cos
Shift + O. Choose cos-1
Ctrl + O. Choose cosh
Ctrl + Shift + O. Choose cosh-1
U. Choose sec
Shift + U. Choose sec-1
Ctrl + U. Choose six
Ctrl + Shift + U. Choose six-1
I Choose csc
Shift + I. Choose csc-1
Ctrl + I. Choose csch
Ctrl + Shift + I. Choose csch-1
J. Select cot
Shift + J. Choose cot-1
Ctrl + J. Choose coth
Ctrl + Shift + J. Choose coth-1
Ctrl + Y. Choose y√x
Shift + Choose | x |
(( Select soil
) Select ceiling
L. Select protocol
Shift + L. Choose logyx
M. Choose dms
N. Choose ln
Ctrl + N. Choose ex
P. Choose Pi
Q. Choose x2
V. Toggles the F-E button
X. Choose exp
Y, ^ Choose xy
# Choose x3
! Choose n!
%. Choose mod
Graphics mode
Ctrl ++ on the number pad Graphic zooms in
Ctrl + – on the number pad Graphic zooms out
Programming mode
F2 Choose DWORD
F3 Choose WORD
F4 Choose BYTE
F5 Choose HEX
F6 Choose DEC
F7 Choose OCT
F8 Choose BIN
F12 Choose QWORD
A-F Choose the letters A-F
Shift +, Choose RoL
Shift +. Choose RoR
Shift +, Choose Lsh
Shift +. Choose Rsh
%. Choose %
| Choose OR
^ Choose XOR
. Choose NOR
~ Do NOT choose
& Choose AND
. Choose NAND

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