The Final Information to Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts for Home windows

Notepad ++ is a great text editor, and you can make it even better by using these Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Whether you are a programmer looking for a simple solution to dump your code or you are looking for an easy to use text editor with more Shazam, Notepad ++ is a great choice.

Notepad ++ is available for Windows and is a free text and source code editor that features persistent tabs that automatically save your content. It might not reveal all the bells and whistles at first glance, but Notepad ++ certainly offers a lot more than Windows' native Notepad. Best of all, it's free.

So that you can use Notepad ++ like a pro, we've put together this mega list of all the keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

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Notepad ++ Windows keyboard shortcuts

abbreviation plot
File menu
Ctrl + Off Open the file
Ctrl + N new file
Ctrl + S save file
Ctrl + Alt + S Save as
Ctrl + Shift + S Save everyone
Ctrl + P Print the file
Alt + F4 Exit the file
Ctrl + Tab Open the next document
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Open the previous document
Ctrl + W Close the current document
Ctrl + Numpad Navigate to the nth document
Edit menu
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + Paste Copy
Ctrl + Shift + T Copy the current line to the clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut
Shift + Delete Cut
Ctrl + V paste
Shift + Paste paste
Ctrl + Z Cancel
Alt + backspace Cancel
Ctrl + Y Repeat
Ctrl + A Choose all
Alt + Shift + arrow keys Column mode selection
Ctrl + left mouse click Start the new selected area
ALT + C Column editor
Ctrl + D Duplicate the current line
Ctrl + T Swap the current line position with the previous line position
Ctrl + Shift + Up Move the current line
Ctrl + Shift + Down Move the current line
Ctrl + left mouse click Delete the current line
Ctrl + I Split lines
Ctrl + J Connect lines
Ctrl + G Start the GoToLine dialog
Ctrl + Q Single line comment
Ctrl + Shift + Q Single line uncomment
Ctrl + K Switching the one-line comment
Ctrl + Shift + K Block comment
tab Insert indent
Shift + Tab Insert excerpt
Ctrl + Backspace Delete up to the beginning of the word
Ctrl + Delete Delete to the end of the word
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Delete up to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + Shift + Del Delete to the end of the line
Ctrl + U Convert to lower case
Ctrl + Shift + U Convert to uppercase
Ctrl + B Go to matching braces
Ctrl + space bar Start the CallTip ListBox
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar Start the ListBox to complete the function
Ctrl + Alt + Space Start the Path Completion ListBox
Ctrl + Enter Start the Word Completion ListBox
Ctrl + Alt + R Text direction RTL
Ctrl + Alt + L Text direction LTR
Enter Split the line down
Shift + Enter Split the line down
Ctrl + Alt + Enter Add a new unindented line above the current one
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Enter Add a new unindented line below the current one
Search menu
Ctrl + F Start search dialog
Ctrl + H Start the Find / Replace dialog
F3 Find next
Shift + F3 Find previous
Ctrl + Shift + F3 Search in files
F7 Switch to the Search Results window
Ctrl + Alt + F3 Search (fleetingly) Next
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F3 Search (fleetingly) back
Ctrl + F3 Select and search further
Ctrl + Shift + F3 Select the previous one and search
F4 Found the next
Shift + F4 Go to the previous find
Ctrl + Shift + I Incremental search
Ctrl + N Jump down
Ctrl + Shift + N Jump high
Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmarks
F2 Go to the next bookmark
Shift + F2 Go to the previous bookmark
Ctrl + B Go to the appropriate bracket
Ctrl + Alt + B Choose all between the matching suspenders
Macro menu
Ctrl + Shift + R Start recording / stop recording the macro
Ctrl + Shift + P Play the recorded macro
Alt + Shift + S Trim and save trailing
Run menu
F5 Start the run dialog
Alt + F1 Get PHP Help
Alt + F2 Google search
Alt + F3 Wikipedia search
Alt + F5 open file
Alt + F6 Open file in another instance
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R Open in Chrome
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X Open in Firefox
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I Open on the internet
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F Open in Safari
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O Send via Outlook
Incremental search
Enter Next game
Shift + Enter Previous game
View menu
Ctrl + (keyboard / keyboard +) Zoom in and zoom out
Ctrl + keyboard / Restore the original size
F11 Toggle full screen
F12 Toggle post-it mode
Ctrl + Alt + F Reduce the current level
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F Show the current level
Alt + 0 Fold everything
Alt + (1 ~ 8) Reduce the level (1 ~ 8)
Alt + Shift + 0 Unfold everything
Alt + Shift + (1 ~ 8) Unfold the layer (1 ~ 8)

The search for a great text editor is over

Notepad ++ is a multifunctional text editor with syntax highlighting and auto-completion functions for avid programmers. This free, open source editor offers the expected standard functions as well as support for over 50 programming and markup languages.

And for those who are environmentally conscious, Notepad ++ uses less CPU power to reduce your PC's power consumption. It couldn't be better!

How to install the Notepad ++ plugin manager to manage plugins

Notepad ++ is a powerful text editor. With the Notepad ++ Plugin Manager you can expand its functions further!

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